Perfect styling with the straightener – That’s how the trendy Sleek succeeds

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Hair straighteners have become a popular styling accessory. Both professionals and private women use this hairdressing tool. Using a flat iron hair can be styled differently. You can smooth curly hair as well as smooth hair into waves or curls. We give you some tips today on how to achieve the perfect styling with the straightener.

Elegant and cool – the sleek can be styled differently with straighteners

Glätteisen haare-stylen-sleek-look-abend-outfit

A trend that has probably led to the popularity of the flat iron is the so-called Sleek Look. The modern look is minimalistic yet chic. There are different ways to style a sleek: the hair is either combed straight back, styled as a tight braid or combed to a center parting.

The correct application of straighteners ensures a successful result


After washing and blow-drying, a sleek can be styled well with the straightener. However, to achieve a good result, some things should be considered when smoothing:

• Use special shampoo: You should already use a shampoo while washing, which makes the hair smooth and shiny.
• Blow dry hair: The hair must be completely dry before using the flat iron. The hair dryer should be set to medium heat.
• Use heat protection: The hair straightener exposes the hair to high temperatures. To protect it from damage, the heat protection lays a thin film over the hair.
• Choose the right temperature: The temperature of the flat iron must be adjusted to the condition of the hair. 200 degrees are only suitable for very firm, thick hair. If you have thin hair, you should not set the temperature above 150 degrees.


• Streak by strand: When straightening, make sure that you have a suitable width of the streak. The best are 4-6 cm. The width of the strands should be 2 cm in each case.
• Smooth movement: the flat iron is pulled in a large arc from the hairline to the tips. Staying too long in one place can lead to overheating.
• Move horizontally away from the head: The strands must be kept level with the scalp. So you do not burn your scalp, you should keep a certain distance from the approach. When Sleek the approach is not smoothed with, otherwise the hair is too much on the head and look flattened out.
• Apply hair spray: Finally, the new hairstyle is fixed with a hair spray.

2017 relies on curls and volume


With the straightener you can easily get yourself a new look without going to the hairdresser. The sleek, for example, is well combinable with lavish evening dresses as it does not draw attention from the wardrobe to the hairstyle. A beautiful face can be highlighted by this hairstyle. Although the sleek is still in vogue, 2017 will see more focus on curls and volume. gives instructions on how to use the flat iron to make curls.

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