Rose Quartz make nails yourself – instructions and tips

Ever since Pantone Rosenquarz named the color of 2016 alongside the pastel-blue Serenity, we’ve all been crazy about this delicate shade of rosé. Of course, we immediately integrated them into our wardrobe and our own four walls, and now our nails may also be styled in this look. Rose Quartz nails are currently a big […]

Sneaker – the right mix of sports and leisure shoe

A series of scientific studies on athletes, however, led to the realization that classic sneakers , as they used to be, only have semiprofessional properties. In addition, they also look visually outdated. Her wide body and heavy materials tire her feet increasingly. After a while the body needs a break and not infrequently joint pain […]

Make shampoo yourself: recipes for naturally beautiful hair

Nowadays, many shiny hair care products are on the market. Shampoos are often in the foreground – as products of the chemical industry, some shampoos contain active ingredients that may cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. And even if most people actually tolerate the hair cosmetics quite well, they find it difficult to find […]