Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks combine skillfully


The summer is already over and the rainy season leads us slowly into the cold season. Just during the transition, garments can be typically combined for one season or the other. A fad or a trend that reappears and is soon over are overknee stockings and knee-high socks combined with short pants or skirts and self-assuredly pulled up.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks combine skillfully

Overknee Strümpfe -kniehohe-socken-kombinieren-grau-herbst-winter-lederschuhe

2015 was particularly popular among the extravagant or athletic people to wear socks with sandals. The trend was taken opposite and worn only by fashionistas except the stage and catwalk. Characteristic for it are glitter socks or which with striking motives from fine material in High Heels or Sandalette. The refined tone-on-tone combination with strappy heel socks or overknee stockings in the same color as the shoe are considered stylish.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks – stars love them


In love with the overknee stockings is the singer Taylor Swift. She likes to wear girly clothes with a little college look flair. These include knee-high socks and lace-up shoes. She prefers dark pastel colors that go very well with her individual style. Shoes and socks are always combined in the same color and, if possible, in the same tone.

Stars like to pull overknee stockings – Rihanna and Beyonce

Overknee Strümpfe -kombinieren-stars-beyonce-rihanna-schwarz

Singers Rihanna and Beyonce like it distinctive and do not remain indifferent to the socks trend. Although they adhere to the tone-on-tone principle and put on neutral black, they provoke with a short dress with animal print. Rihanna goes a step further and has chosen overknee stockings with red toes, which stand out because of the open-front shoes in the eye. Hardly anyone has surprised her with the look, as she has been running her own collection of socks at Puma for several years now.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks designed by Rihanna for Puma

Overknee Strümpfe -kniehohe-socken-kombinieren-rihanna-kollektion

On the picture you can see Overknee stockings and accessories from the last collection of Rihanna for the sports brand Puma. It combines sporting elements such as wristbands, striped socks, and girly accents such as ruffles, fluffy sandals, flowing semi-sheer fabrics.

Even Sarah Jessica Parker wears overknee stockings

Overknee Strümpfe -kniehohe-socken-kombinieren-Sarah-Jessica-Parker

A few years ago Sarah Jessica Parker wore a mini skirt with floral motifs and gray overknee stockings in one of the scenes of the episode ‘S * x & The City’. She has cleverly combined them with peep toe booties in khaki color. Although it is not a tone-on-tone look, the two muted colors match very well and create a color harmony.

Overknee stockings are one of the stars’ everyday outfits – Katty Perry and Vanessa Hudgens


Other stars like to wear overknee stockings and prove just how multifaceted they are. In Vanessa Hudgens they are barely noticeable in the overknee boots made of suede. Extravagant singer Katty Perry likes eye-catching combinations and has paired black stockings with patterned satin-heeled sandals.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks in the last collection of Prada and Miu Miu


On the catwalk, overknee stockings and knee-high socks in a color or eye-catching pattern are often seen. A fire works, but not without it. Each autumn / winter collection by Prada and Miu Miu includes fine knit socks in diamond pattern or striped.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks without toes


In Milan and Paris, the iconic fashion house presented interesting models of shoes that are suitable for wearing with socks. In addition, stockings made of fine knit without toes have been presented, which can be wonderfully worn with open shoes.

Overknee stockings and knee-high socks in college style


Where did the overknee stockings come from? However, they are more advanced version of the striped socks typical of school uniforms and sportswear. The widely known term ‘college style’ comes from England or USA and is characterized by a generally strict cut. So attracted, the adolescents are very correct and a little bit staid. Stylish elements include v-neck pullovers, pleated skirts, knee-high stockings and lace-up shoes.

Wear knee-high socks on calves – Transfer from men’s wardrobe


The Ternd with the socks in the center, however, is quite suitable for everyday use. Choose only muted colors that match the office look. The classics – black, white and gray, are perfect for that, beyond stinging the eye. Combine with flat lace-up shoes. The outfit – shirt, shoes, socks, is transferred from the men’s wardrobe and is in contrast to women who appear tender and lovely.

Wear knee high socks over pantyhose


A great variation of the trend, which not only flatters the figure, but also appears subtle and at the same time sets an accent. Choose thin knee-high socks in the same color, such as black, like the tights and put them on. Combine with black heels for optimal effect.

Overknee stockings and boots combine with heel


To lengthen your legs optically, experts advise wearing stockings in knee-high boots. Choose similar colors, contrast is not recommended and pull the stockings up 4-5 inches over the top of the shoe. Combine with shorts, mini skirt or dress.

Overknee socks and ankle boots combine skillfully


Oversize fashion is very popular lately, but unfortunately not suitable for small women. If you count among them and do not want to miss out, try creating a tone-on-tone outfit. Avoid contrasts that will optically cut your figure only in the wrong proportions.

Overknee stockings and combine with platform shoes – For little women


Although the knee-high or over-knee stockings and socks do not flatter the figure of the little ladies among us, they do not have to go without the trend. Combine with platform shoes, also with heels. To get the most out of the additional height, it is advisable to combine shoes and stockings in the same color. Your leg will look a lot longer with this trick.

Overknee stockings or knee-high socks with oxford shoes wear


If the weather is not so good, the knee-high socks are even desirable. Sound-on-tone station wagons are even suitable for the office. Quite discreetly in black with simple patent leather shoes or lace-up shoes, the look with obvious socks is a true classic.

Perfectly dressed for the rainy season – overknee stockings and rubber boots in silver


With knee-high or overknee stockings in rubber boots during the rainy season was and still is not a strange picture. However, it is very convenient and even comfortable. Dress fashionably even in bad weather and skilfully combine your rain boots, though you can not call them stylish with the rest of the outfit.

Top Trend – Wear glitter socks with open shoes or sandals


Graumelierte glitter socks in fine knit variation to black open shoes with straps is currently a top trend. Finally, to avoid the opposite of a stylish look, experts recommend classic shoes or sandals. These must not be decorated with any additional decorative elements and ornaments. This fits a simple outfit. Accents in a similar look as the stockings, for example, silver jewelry or narrow, also mottled scarf made of fine knit will complement the chic look and make it look right consistent.

Wear knee-high socks with Timberland shoes


Timberland shoes are currently in fashion. These belong to the more sporty-youthful fashion and can therefore be combined very well with stripped variants of socks and stockings. As a top, we recommend choosing a single piece, such as choosing a dress or jumpsuit, so that your silhouette looks proportionate despite the shallow, coarse shoes.

Colorful socks are also worn by men


Although there are not many options for men to add variety to their wardrobe, socks are always a good option. Colors and patterns are permissible only if they are coordinated with the remaining parts.

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