Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Original braiding ideas you should know

flechtfrisur ideen pony akzent romantisch look halboffen maedchen

One of the biggest and most popular trends this summer are the braided hairstyles . It refers to all sorts of shapes and types, from the ordinary French plait over the herringbone braid, to hair bands or updos from braids. Today we show you 11 original braiding ideas that will make your braiding even more interesting and effective. Get ready to be amazed and try out the ideas right away.

Wickerwork Ideas – A braided braid , decorated with colorful twine

flechtfrisur ideen band rosa akzent schmuck

If you do not feel like the usual braided braid and would rather make it more striking and happy, you can do that by adding extra materials to the braid. This gives the braid color and texture in a simple way. Such materials that you can combine with the braid are embroidery thread, a piece of decorative rope, a silk ribbon, a glitter ribbon or whatever else you can think of. Take a look at the instructions in pictures to learn how to easily incorporate the tape.

Wickerwork Ideas – A high-backed braid

flechtfrisur ideen nacken dutt schleife accessoire damen styling

This hairstyling is definitely one of those you should know and learn. And although it looks very complicated, it’s not that hard to imitate and takes little time. In addition, the hairstyle is suitable for both long and medium hair. Just braid a French braid of three strands along the back of the head and just pin it down. And that’s all. Really not difficult, do not you think so?

Braiding ideas – A loose braid on the side

flechtfrisur ideen seitlich zopf pony laessig look

This pretty hairstyle is again suitable for both short and medium-length hair. The hairstyle proves that just because you have short hair, you do not have to give up an impressive braid. How exactly you can imitate this hairstyle is explained in the following video. It would also be an advantage if you mess up your hair before starting and apply textured powder to get a perfect finish.

Braid hair wreath

flechtfrisur ideen kranz haare pony hochsteckfrisur

With a braid you can also make a pretty wreath. Begin by braiding around the pony and allow the braid to run backwards into the neck and then forward again. You get a great updo suitable for any occasion.

Wickerwork Ideas – An effective braid that merges into a bun

Mädchen Ideen Hochsteckfrisuren jung frisch

The great thing about this original hairstyle is that you can wear it during your free time as well as in the office and only take it a few minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the most original braiding ideas . The French braid begins here over the neck, runs to the right, makes a turn and then goes over into a bun. The hairstyle that lasts all day and all night is a real eye-catcher and will make many of you turn your head.

Braiding ideas – A double braid in a chaotic look

Zopf mittellange Haare Ideen flechten

If you are looking for braiding ideas for a half-open hairstyle, then this is perhaps just the thing for you. It is elegant on the one hand and chaotic on the other, which makes you feel very effortless. And in principle that’s true too, because the hairstyle is also suitable for beginners. In the following video you will find a tutorial that explains step by step what you need to do to imitate the braiding hairstyle.

Braided hairstyle Ideas – Semi-open rag hairstyle with rainbow effect thanks to hair crayon

Do you want a colorful effect in your hair? Then you only need a few colors of hair crayon. It is up to you which colors you choose. The possibilities are endless. Just take three strands of hair, color them in different colors and then braid them into a braid that runs from one side, along the back of the head, to the other side. This is really one of the most interesting braiding ideas , do not you think?

We hope you enjoyed the examples. If you also have interesting ideas, we would be happy if you show us on Facebook or Google+.

Flechtfrisuren Ideen französischer Zopf Pony

This braided hairstyle looks romantic and playful

lange Haare glatt Ombre Look

Curly lateral French braid

Ideen Locken lange Haare Anleitung

Curls and braids

Damen schöner seitlicher Zopf Ideen

Braided hairstyle for the first day of school

blonde Ombre Haare braun Unterton Farbe

Anleitungen Ideen Zöpfe Mädchen

Frisuren selber machen seitlich flechten

Zopf lange Haare Mädchen Ideen

 Ideen Anleitungen lange Haare

Zopf Ideen Flechtfrisuren Mädchen cool

Haare Flechtfrisuren Ideen schön verspielt

Ombre haare unten braun oben blond

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