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Hairstyles For Women

Nude nails always look chic – tips and ideas for copying

Nude look nails simply short

The “no make-up” look has been one of the top beauty trends for a few years now. Women worldwide strategically use foundation, concealer and highlighter to “naturally” flawless skin, higher cheekbones and a slimmer face. Nude tones are not only the best in the fashion and beauty world – they have also conquered the nail art industry. Nude nails are currently setting trends and can be easily combined to almost anything.

Nude nails make for a chic fashion statement

Gel Nails Nude Tones Ballerina Nail Shape Glitter

Nude shades look like make-up for your nails. They mask imperfections and adapt perfectly to your skin tone to create the illusion of slimmer fingers and longer nails.

When it comes to nude nails, the right shade is crucial for a perfect manicure. Countless nuances make the nude tones wonderfully multifaceted. As with choosing a foundation, you should consider your skin tone .

Nude nails long black rhinestones

For a more natural finish, a slightly transparent nail polish in a rosy nude shade is recommended, which conceals nail discoloration, but still lets the natural nail shine through easily. This also makes the nails appear longer.

For gel nails, however, a covering nail polish is recommended, which is close to the skin tone, but form a discreet contrast. If the color matches the complexion, the end result will not be so nice. A delicate rose raises the natural nail best.

Nude ballerina nails in combination with gold glitter

The nude nails look wonderfully natural and discreet. The good news? Everyone can benefit from the nude look without sacrificing color or creativity. For example, you can only put more noticeable accents on your thumb and ring finger. So the nail art still looks simple and suitable for everyday use.

Lace Nude Gel Nails Finger Rings

Much like a foundation creates the perfect foundation for a flawless make-up, a nude tone is the ideal starting point for an interesting nail art. Nude is neutral and can visually balance even the most colorful or complicated nail design.

The beautiful nude nails can be easily done by yourself

Nude Nails Gel Nails Ballerina Ring Finger Accent Hologram Powder

Below are some simple instructions for beautiful nude-colored nails. The nail designs can be imitated in just a few steps and look lovely. Let yourself be inspired!

Ombré nails in nude and white

Nude Nails Ombre White Oval

These plain ombre nails are a serious competitor to the classic french nails! The flow of pale pink to white offers a natural and totally chic look, which is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life.

Nude nails with white gradient

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the nails with a transparent nail polish in light pink.
  2. Apply white nail polish to a small make-up sponge.
  3. Using the sponge, first stamp the color on the nail center and then dab the tip.
  4. Finally, apply a top coat and clean the skin around the nails.

Nude nail design with a silver stripe as an accent

Nude nails in short plain silver stripes

The perfect nude nails are timeless, chic and can complement any outfit. Combine this classic look with a silver accent for a bit more shine.

Nude nails themselves make simple design

That is how it goes:

  1. Apply a matt undercoat.
  2. Then paint 3/4 of the nail with the Nudeton.
  3. Glue a silver strip between the nude and the basecoat.
  4. Seal the whole thing with a topcoat.

French Nude nails with rose gold

French Nude nails with rose gold

From a gala dinner to a laid-back girls evening – this variation of French nails suits every occasion! The nude tone makes the glittering tips in rose gold shimmer and radiate discreetly.

Nude Nails Rose Gold French Design oval

That is how it goes:

  1. The nails are painted nude.
  2. Paint the tips with the rose gold with a nail liner. Alternatively, use a nail tip sticker.
  3. Apply top coat and let it dry.

Nude nails with white triangle rectangular nail shape

In this nail design, the lines are painted round and adapted to the oval shape of the nails. If you have rectangular nails, you can draw triangles instead.

Negative Space Nails

Nude Nails Silver Pink Negative Space Look

For the next nail design Nude, Pink and Silver are combined for a cool and fresh look. You can also use your favorite colors and create your own version of these Negative Space nails !

Negative Space Nude Nails themselves make Pink Silver

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Paint a silver French tip with a nail liner.
  3. Then pull a fine crescent in pink along the cuticle.
  4. Seal with topcoat.

Crescent nails in silver

Crescent Nails Nude Tone Silver Glitter

Instead of emphasizing the nail tips, many women opt for a half-moon manicure in which the accent is set on the nail bed. In this look, a silver crescent is painted on the nude nude shaped nails.

Half moon manicure Nude silver glitter make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Draw the contours of the crescent with a nail liner.
  3. Then fill up the crescent completely.
  4. Finally, apply a topcoat.

Nude nails with golden glitter and black

Nails Black Nude Gold Glitter Oval

The combination of gold and black is classic and noble. The golden glitter particles shine in conjunction with black very special and stand out with their color. The details in nude tones bring optically more calm into the design.

Nude nails with glitter gold black make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with glitter nail polish in gold.
  2. Paint the small fingernail black.
  3. Paint the index and middle nail with the nude clay.
  4. Using the black nail polish, draw a V-shape on the middle finger nail and a triangle on the index finger nail. Also fill the lower part of the nail with black.
  5. Using the glitter nail polish and nail liner, draw a gold triangle on the middle fingernail.
  6. Draw a golden line along the cuticle on the index finger.
  7. Make a small dot with gold at the base of the small fingernail nail.
  8. Seal nail design with topcoat and let it dry.

Pastel shades and marble look

Nude Nails Blue Gray Marble Silver Accent

A hint of metallic, a marble-accented accent and a fresh palette of pastel colors – this look radiates hibernation! It’s also a great opportunity to try the trendy “Marble Nails” nail design.

Nude Pastel Blue Marble Look White

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with nude nail polish.
  2. Paint the index finger nail gray gray.
  3. Apply silver nail polish to the fingernail nail.
  4. For the marble look first apply a white lacquer as a primer on the middle fingernail.
  5. Draw very fine lines with a very thin brush and black paint to create a marble effect.
  6. Finally apply Topcoat and let it dry.

Gel Nails in Nude-Look Almond Shape Rhinestones

Have fun!

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