New Year hairstyles for short hair to follow inspired by Julianne Hough

Party hairstyles short hair to imitate inspired Julianne Hough

As soon as Christmas is over, we are already thinking about the upcoming mega New Year’s Eve party! For on the last day of the year it is festive and glamorous to appear. So that you shine from head to toe at the party, you should not only choose your outfit accordingly. Make-up and hairstyle must be right. If you have a short haircut or chin-length hair, do not be sad! You can still get a beautiful updo. We show you the most beautiful looks of Julianne Hough to imitate! It may be teased, knotted and braided. These New Year’s Eve hairstyles guarantee a glamorous appearance!

Inspirations for New Year’s Hairstyles by Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough hairstyles short hair Pixie Bob

Julianne Hough already had long and short hair. The actress has tried many different styles over the last few years, but she’s made for a short haircut. He makes her slender face and pronounced facial features seem more graceful. From pixie to chin-length bob to long bob – their hair always looks great and gives their fans a lot of inspiration.

short hair chin-long Boby styling VOlumen

Although her hair barely touches her shoulders (if she does not wear extensions), Julianne Hough has shown some really cool updos on the red carpet. She is never afraid to take a risk! It could have something to do with the good relationship with her hairdresser. Riawna Capri is the woman responsible for many of Julianne’s elegant Messy-style updos, but she is also one of her best friends. Together, they have made Julianne’s graded Bob one of Hollywood’s most copied haircuts. Whether braided, twisted, knotted and pinned up – the styles that Julianne wears on festive occasions fascinate with their versatility. These looks are perfect as inspiration for New Year’s Eve hairstyles that you can imitate at home.

A pixie hairstyle with a new twist

Party hairstyles New Year's Eve imitate Zwirbeln

At the Open Hearts Foundation Gala 2014, Julianne Hough wore a Pixie short haircut, but it was totally cute. The idea is pretty simple – a few strands of hair are screwed in and put back in a chaotic way with Bobbypins. The focus for this look, however, is on the front.

Party Hairstyles Short Hair Instructions Hair Twirling

2014 American Music Awards

Party Hairstyles New Year's Short Hair Sleek Look

At the 2014 American Music Awards, Julianne Hough wore a fabulous halter halter dress in bright orange and coral tones. Designed by famous fashion designer Zuhair Murad, the dress caught everyone’s attention. That’s why Riawna Capri decided on a simple hairstyling in a sleek look.

Romantic braiding hair for short hair

New Year hairstyles romantic French braid side hair ring

At the 2013 Heaven Gala of the Art of Elysium, Julianne wore a floor-length evening dress by Jenny Packham embroidered with flowers and sequins. The romantic look was completed by a hair wreath braided as a French braid.

At the front we see a little more volume in the braid. From behind the ear the hair strands are loosened, which makes the braid look thicker.

Knots instead of lichens

Party hairstyles New Year's Eve short hair pinned up hair knot sideways

At the 2012 “Women in Hollywood” Celebration by Elle, the hairstyle of Julianne Hough was a complete success. Her pony was knotted sideways to a loose chain, the remaining hair was then pinned in a messy bun at the back of the head with hairpins. If you want to imitate this twisted hairstyle, do not forget to lightly comb the hair on the top of the head with a comb.

Zigzag apex

Party hairstyles New Year's Eve elegance Dutt zigzag vertex

The zigzag crest was totally popular in the nineties. It exudes an unconventional charm and looks in its tempered form also very modern. With him, the party hairstyle of Julianne at the American Music Awards 2015 does not look strict, but sympathetic. The ash blond was set in motion here with highlights and a dark neck.

New Year's Eve party shoulder-length hair zigzag crest

For this hairstyle your hair should be at least shoulder length. To accurately draw the zigzag crest, you need a stalk comb. After that it is super easy. With just one movement, a big Z is drawn from the forehead to the top of the head. You can decide for yourself whether you want to create narrow or broad points. To finish hairspray is used to tame flying highlights and give the hairstyle extra grip.

Faux Hawk – updo for short hair

New Year's Eve Hairstyles Party imitate Faux Hawk pinned up

The Faux Hawk hairstyle that Julianne wore at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013 was a real eye-catcher! The high madness was extended to the back of the head in a long, twisted banana. The hair was divided on the sides in 4 cm wide strand, individually twisted and pinned to the back.

Golden Globe Awards After Party

New Year's Eve party hairstyles imitate great pinned up

The false Iroquois looks very playful and is not as hard to style as you might think. Watch the video below and try to copy the hairstyle yourself. The most important thing is to put a lot of volume on the top and back of the head, while the sides are mostly sleek.

Pinned up with a touch of punk

New Year's hairstyles make yourself pompous

At the LA premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Julianne’s hair was brushed face up, much like the Faux Hawk hairstyle. Here, however, the top coat was left open at the top and at the back of the head so that it falls down. The strands on the sides were fixed underneath.

Party hairstyles short hair curls pinned up volume hair roller

From the front, Julian’s updo looks very simple for the premiere of the movie “Safe Haven”. With lots of volume on the top and back curls. But do not be fooled by this picture. At the back of the head, the curls were pinned to a banana with gold-colored hairpins.

New Year hairstyles for short hair pinned up golden hairpins

If the lower parts are cut a little shorter than the top hair on a short haircut, this creates the basis for a cool Messy look. The intentionally unwanted-looking styling works best with curly hair .

New Year hairstyles short hair pixie party many Bobbypins

The topic for the Met Gala 2013 was Punk and Julianne’s chaotic updo fit perfectly. Over a hundred black hairpins crossed at the back of the head and held each other’s ground. The front part was styled with gel and rolled lightly on one side. This party hairstyle seems somehow rebellious and interesting at the same time. An equally important role is played by the strong contrast between the black Bobbypins and the blond hair of the actress.

Mini Ponytail – classic for everyday wear or for a New Year’s Eve party

New Year hairstyles short hair volume mini ponytail

This step cut chops nice volume into the hair. Even with this hair length, a mini-ponytail in the neck is possible. Best close the ponytail with a mini hair tie made of silicone, which is almost invisible.

Short hair half open

Hairstyles imitate short hair half-open

If your hair has not grown out enough, you can also try this half-open hairstyle for short hair. Even the simplest hairstyling can be spiced up quickly with hair accessories. Let it sparkle and sparkle!

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