Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Natural make-up for everyday life – the nude look

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Many women do not want to wear heavy makeup. Instead, they prefer natural makeup that reveals their natural beauty. The natural looking make-up is not only limited in the amount, but also depends on the application of make-up and the products used. Find out more from the following article.

This is how natural make-up works

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Apply primer carefully. A smooth and even skin is the perfect foundation for every make-up. The shade of the foundation should be matched exactly to the skin tone. Tap with a sponge and smudge with your fingers. Use a concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles. In addition, you can apply a skin-colored kohl stroke. For a silky complexion, spread a tassel across the face, but not too much so that you do not look like a doll.

Natural makeup – tips and tricks

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Natural looking eye shadow. Depending on your skin tone, the shade of the eyeshadow may vary. You need three nuances. The first should be exactly like your skin color. The second should be a bit darker. The last shade should be slightly lighter than your skin. Emphasize the spot under the eyebrow with the brightest eye shadow. Apply the medium shade on the eyelid. Use the darker eyeshadow for the eyelid crease, but very discreetly. Gently blur the transitions with a brush. Use a brown instead of a black kohl pencil for a natural look.

the nude look

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The cheeks accentuate. The nude look is usually done without blush, but a hint of it does not hurt. Something light powder on the cheekbone would emphasize the cheeks discreetly.

Nude lips. As with the eyes, the lips should be made only discreetly, so that their natural form is staged. There are also several possibilities – contour pencil in your natural lip color, lipstick in the same color or a slightly shimmering care stick.

Haydon Penettiere

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beige eye shadow


Carefully with the black kohl pencil


Brittany Snow


Make-up eyes, of course


Make-up on eyebrows


Instructions for the nude look













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