Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Nail Polish Tricks – The multifunctional side of nail polish

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The well-liked nail polish, which should not be missing in any household in which ladies also participate, is not only the best friend of your nails and ensures their well-groomed appearance. On the contrary! It can also be useful in many other areas of everyday life and help out of many unexpected situations.

So if you want to know what the nail polish can be good for, just keep reading and use these helpful nail polish tricks .

Nail Polish Tricks – Protects the jewelry

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How many times have you been annoyed that the stones of your new piece of jewelry have not been properly taped and you have lost some of them? This happens especially when small stones and crystals are used to decorate and ruin the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry. To avoid this, simply paint the stones with a clear nail polish immediately after purchase. You can do that if you find that the stones have not been glued securely enough, or you can save them as a precaution. This trick can be applied not only to jewelery, but to anything that contains rhinestones, such as shoes, pants or belts.

Nail Polish Tricks – Stop Runes

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This idea is one of the most useful nail polish tricks . The women’s tights are an important part of the overall outfit and in many cases can not be missed. Nevertheless, they are often uncomfortable and nerve-racking, especially when you sweat in them. The whole thing gets even more annoying when a run is created. Unfortunately, only a few are fortunate enough to wear pantyhose all day long without tearing you down in any way. In addition, you can not protect the run-length from widening in length. Wrong thought! If you do not have the time or opportunity to change your tights, all you need is nail polish applied around the small hole. So you can be sure that it does not spread further.

Nail Polish Tricks – Additional color for your accessories

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Just because a bangle, for example, has become boring over time due to its monotonous look, does not mean you have to throw it away right away. Just pick up a few different nail polish colors and make a pretty pattern with a little imagination. With such creative nail polish tricks you will immediately feel like you own a new piece of jewelry.

Nail polish tricks – varnish your keys

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If you paint your keys in different colors, they will not only look prettier and more interesting, but you will also find the right key faster.

Nail Polish Tricks – Nail polish for sticking envelopes

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Enveloping the envelopes today is made easier by having to moisten the strip in one way or another. But sometimes it happens that the envelope simply can not be closed. If you do not have any glue on hand, the nail polish will help you again.

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