Nail polish drying faster – home remedies, tips and tricks

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Without a doubt, freshly painted nails are a real eye-catcher, look well-groomed and emphasize the feminine. If you like to paint your nails, you know that drying can take a lot of time. The drying time can take up to 20 minutes depending on the paint. Ironically, when you are in time trouble, you bump somewhere with your fingers and can start immediately with the mending of the quirks or even with the paint from scratch. In this article, we offer you some home remedies, tips and tricks on how your freshly applied nail polish will dry faster .

1. Dry nail polish faster – Apply a thin layer

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Try to apply gentle brush strokes with little nail polish over your nails. Two thin layers dry much faster than a thick, sticky layer. To remove the excess paint from the paintbrush, stroke the bottleneck with it. This ensures that you apply the right amount of paint and the desired result is achieved easily and quickly.

2. Dry nail polish faster – Use cold water

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An accessible home remedy that actually speeds drying is ice water. When nail polish is exposed to cold temperatures, it dries faster. Simply dip the painted nails into a bowl of cold water. With the help of a few ice cubes in the water you can try to freeze the varnish for 2-3 minutes. The applied nail polish should first be dried for about half a minute, otherwise the surface will become wavy or lose the shine and look dull.

As an alternative to ice water, you can also keep your fingers under running water. The beam must not be too strong, otherwise the upper layer will be damaged.

You can dry your nail polish faster by holding your hands briefly in the freezer compartment. However, this method also has disadvantages, as some paints become more porous and shiver faster due to the strong influence of cold.

3. Dry nail polish faster by blow-drying

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If you are under time pressure, you can also blow dry the painted fingernails. Drying accelerates drying. If you choose this method, then please use cold air. Due to the warm air of the hair dryer, the nail polish softens and loses its shine.

4. Overcoat


Even the most creative and elaborate manicure is not yet complete without a top coat. The market offers the matching overcoat for every wish. A layer of quick-drying topcoat actually works wonders. It gives your nails a shiny and protective finish. Overcoats significantly shorten the drying process. The result: a completed manicure in no time.

5. Hairspray, alcohol-free deodorant or cooking spray


Even if that sounds strange, nail polish with hair spray or soft deodorant can dry faster. Spray your nails at a distance of 20 cm. After about 2-3 minutes, the desired effect is achieved and the paint is fixed.

Like the hairspray, a can of cooking spray also works. Once you have applied the topcoat, you can spray your nails with the cooking spray. Let it act for a few minutes and then wash your hands off the oil.

6. Dry nail polish faster with dry spray


And if you are in a hurry, of course, a Quick-Dry spray helps. The dry spray optimally supports the fast drying of the painted nails. It also gives the nails a radiant shine. Use this spray like the other sprays already mentioned. And so you can quickly dry your desired nail polish in no time.

7. Dry nail polish faster with drops


Another remedy that helps to dry your nails faster are the quick-drying drops. Thanks to the pipette, the Express-Dry-Drops can be applied precisely and cleanly. According to the manufacturer, the nail polish dries within 60 seconds and your nails are cared for with vitamin E and almond oil.

8. Mini-dryer


Instead of waving and puffing with hands, the mini nail dryer can help accelerate nail polish drying. The nail polish dryer blows air on your nails as soon as you simply push your hand on the bottom plate. This device is compact and therefore convenient to take away when traveling.

9. Can you dry nail polish with a UV lamp?


The normal nail polish can not be dried under a UV light curing device, nor can you use an LED device. These are intended for curing such gels containing the so-called polymers. In contrast to the UV gels, the normal nail polish is nitrocellulose.

Dry nail polish faster


We sincerely hope that our tips and tricks will provide useful information on how to dry your nail polish faster.


















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