Making tassels earrings yourself – 3 great ideas with instructions

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Tassel jewelry is trendy and also relatively easy to make yourself. We have already shown in other posts, how you make tassels yourself and how you can design a beautiful necklace yourself . Here are a few inspiring ideas for tassels earrings, which you can easily realize with the help of 3 simple instructions.

Magnificent tassels earrings are trendy

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Fringes and tassels can do more than just decorate curtains and carpets. They hang on bags, shoes and jewelry. When the wearer moves, they make such a beautiful dangling movement that they become an eyecatcher accessory of the year. As small pendants, the tassels are able to charm any outfit and turn it into a must-have. Most of the time, one or two oversized tassels adorn plain, plain pockets. Much smaller variants depend on long chains or ostentatious earrings, giving the whole look a playful, exotic touch.

Tassels earrings in different variants

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Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Isabel Marant and other world-famous designers rely on their jewelery collections with tassels for their latest collections. This complements any outfit, for example made of silk or velvet fabric or with an opulent pattern and finally rounds off the look. Earrings or a chain with tassels are definitely eye- catching accessories , where more is just more. However, they are rather difficult to combine with each other and for a tasteful appearance, every fashion-conscious woman relies on just one piece of jewelry with tassels – either a necklace or magnificent earrings. The outfit, however, should be plain or at least monochrome.

Make tassels earrings yourself

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Tassels earrings are an easy way to enhance the simple look. They are available in many different variations, lengths and different materials such as yarn, fringes or pearls. Without much effort, you can even do it yourself and thus design it to your own taste. We have selected three simple instructions for you: with embroidery thread, with brass binding rings and with pearls (seed beads).

Make tassels earrings with embroidery thread yourself – instructions

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For the tassels earrings with embroidery thread, you need, in addition to embroidery thread in any color, a pair of scissors, a large needle and two earring hooks. The tassels for the tassels earrings can make you arbitrarily big and long. For this you have to consider how long you want to have your earrings. In addition, two, three or only one tassel can be used for each earring – accordingly, more or less embroidery thread is needed.

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Now do some tassels or optional – just one. If you have decided on the variant with several tassels tied together, you should make it short and voluptuous. For this you use more embroidery thread and shorten the tassels just shorter. So that all tassels are beautiful and the same, we recommend to use a small piece of cardboard and to wrap the yarn around him. Just note how many times you have wrapped around, so that eventually all tassels are the same size.

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If you made the little tassels, you just have to tie them together. In the example 3 tassels are used for each earring. But you can also take more or less, depending on how long you want the earrings. Now connect the tassels by taking a needle with the same yarn and sewing the tassels together. At the top, attach the hook and tie firmly.

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These tassels earrings can be designed in one color or in two or three shades. It’s best to match the colors of the earrings to a specific outfit.

Make tassels earrings with brass details yourself – instructions

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Slightly more elaborate, but really nice to see these homemade tassels earrings with brass details. You can do it yourself without great effort and below you will learn how to do it. For this you need: Knitting yarn in any color, brass wire approx. 0.6 – 1 mm thick, brass beads or other decorative elements, earring hooks, a jewelry pliers and a ruler.

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First you have to think about how big the earrings should be. Take two equal lengths of wire and bend them into a ring. To get a uniform shape, you can use aids, such as a cylinder or a cosmetic bottle with the appropriate diameter.

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Use the jewelry pliers to make a small loop in one end of the wire. Leave the other straight so that the brass beads can be threaded through. It should result in a jump ring with a loop at the end.

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Now add the decorative elements and then the tassels in between. In the picture you can see how you can attach the tassels best to the jump ring. Finally, the other end of the bending ring is formed into a loop and attached to the earring hook.

tassels earrings-yourself-make-thread-guide

Finally, you can crop the tassels. It looks very good if the earrings are not too long and do not reach the shoulders. Note that the earring hook also contributes slightly (about 1.5 cm) to the overall length. Our recommendation is to cut the tassels as long as the jump ring is. Thus, the earring will be balanced and look aesthetically pleasing.

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If you like smaller tassels better, then put several in different colors and form a larger jump ring.

Make tassels earrings with beads (seed beads) yourself – instructions

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For tassels jewelry is mainly used silk or embroidery thread. Other cords or drawstrings can be used, but they are not available in so many colors. Embroidery thread, on the other hand, is available in all possible nuances. In addition, it is made of cotton and therefore feels very comfortable on the skin. Tassels earrings can be tinker without embroidery thread. Instead, small beads – seed beads are threaded and tied together.

tassels earrings--making instructions-pearl itself

Making tassels earrings with beads is just as easy as the other variants with yarn that we have shown above. Instead of colored yarn, pearls or seed beads are used in any colors. This can make beautiful tassels by pulling many small beads on several pieces of string and then put together.

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Rocailles are available in all possible colors and you can achieve very nice Ombrè effects. Put two or three colors together and put the beads at the transition between the colors.

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The specific feature of the tassels earrings with pearls is that at the end, where the individual chains are tied together, a special decorative element is to be attached. This works as a kind of connection and ties the pearl tassel with the stud earrings, clips or hooks together.

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