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Makeup Trends for the Fall – make-up on your eyes and lips

schöne Lippen Schminke edel Look Dior

We’ll show you the trendy fall season makeup trends – straight from the catwalks of renowned designers. From the nude look, through eye shadows with intense colors, to punk eyebrows and twiggy eyes – the trends for 2014/2015 create a homage to the fifties and sixties. / In the photo above – the autumn make-up collection by Dior /

Makeup trends for fall – expressive eyes

Herbst Metallic Lidschatten auftragen

This year, the expressive eyes are totally in vogue – on the day you can apply subtle eyeshadow in mauve and pink, in the evening the makeup may look extravagant – for example, with a bold eyeliner with Kajal or intensive colors such as neon blue or dark green. And those who prefer punk looks can opt for the so-called ombre make-up – several shimmering shades are applied to the eyelids and slightly blurred. Also nice – make up the eyelids in neutral tones and then emphasize the eyelashes with a mascara / the so-called Twiggy-Look /.

Bushy eyebrows are one of the latest make-up trends – they frame the face and visually open the eyes – that’s why the eyebrows are additionally emphasized this season.

Makeup trends for fall – emphasize the lips with strawberry nuances

Herbst Trends Ideen frisch jung aussehen

The lips are feminine and natural thanks to soft berry nuances. The designers have sent their models on the catwalks with slightly shimmering pink-red lip gloss. On the other hand, matt red lipsticks look dramatic – they fit perfectly with the slightly shimmering eye make-up in gold / bronze / brown shades. No matter which shade you choose, it is especially important to match the lips to the eye make-up. And always make sure that only one accent is placed on the face – either strongly stressed eyes or lips, but never the two together. Otherwise, the make-up looks like a mask.

Here you can find an overview of the trends including information about current designer make-up collections:

Emphasize the lips with red lipstick / lip gloss by Chanel

Make up for the fall of the season, buy the Chanel lip gloss

Herbst Trends Ideen Augen Smokey Makeup

Swirling eyelid line emphasizes the eyes – made with the makeup of Givenchy feasible

Herbst Saison Kajal Augen betonen Kollektion Givenchy

Herbst Schminke auftragen Kajal

schminken Ideen Herbst Party Kajal

Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

Augen richtig schminken Ideen Makeup

The eyebrows emphasize

betonen richtige Form auswählen Trends

 Schminke auftragen Ideen Herbst Saison

 Schminkideen frisch jung wirken Gesicht Augen

Twiggy eyes reapplication – with mascara by Givenchy

Lancome Maskara Schminkideen Herbst

retro Twiggy Wimpern Maskara richtig auftragen

Expressive eyes with ombre eye shadow by Chanel

Augen Gold Nuancen rosa dunkel Lippenstift auftragen Chanel

Schminke Makeup Ideen Herbst Saison

auftragen frisch jung Herbst aussehen The Burberry collection features eyeshadows and lipsticks for the nude look

Burberry Kollektion rosa Farben mädchenhaft wirken

Herbst natürlich wirken Wangen betonen

betonen schminken Ideen Herbst Saison

Lidschatten auftragen frisches Gesicht schön

Herbst Makeup Augen pink rosa Lidschatten auftragen

Winter natürlich schminken Alltag stilvoll

Shimmering nuances in autumn colors of Dior

betonen schön attraktiv exotisch schminken Dior

Osten exotisch Augen betonen rosa Nuancen

Pure glamor from Nars

schöne Gold Nuancen Makeup Nars

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