Make-up with glasses – 25 wonderful ideas and videos

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Wearers of glasses do not have it easy when it comes to make-up. In myopia, the eyes tend to look smaller, whereas in the case of hyperopia they look a bit bigger. Accordingly, the make-up should be matched with glasses . Here we offer you important tips and different, tasteful ideas for eye make-up , as well as two videos in which everything that has to be taken into account is shown step by step.

Make-up with glasses – eyebrows give the look a natural setting Schminken mit Brille -katzenaugenform-hellblau-kitsch-mode-muster-brosche

The large, often oversized, eyewear has become a fashion accessory, but it is also a necessity for many who suffer from low vision. In addition, the glasses frame plays a very important role and must not replace the natural frame of the face, the eyebrows. These are emphasized by the glasses even more. That they are plucked regularly and thoroughly into the right shape is simply a must. If you can not handle the tweezers that well, then have it done by a professional.

Make-up with glasses – Pretty eyes are perceived even better by the emphasis on glasses

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In most cases, the glasses emphasize the type more, throwing disagreeable shadows on the face and making small redness and impurities even more visible. Therefore, it is important to apply slightly lighter cover cream in the eye area of ​​the dark circles and a little further down. Emphasize the eyes so that the glasses do not become more important than your own face. The simplest variant would be the eyeliner. With a slightly thinner frame you should also draw a thinner line on the eyelids. He likes to get stronger outside. Then make up your eyelashes and that even several times.

Make-up with glasses is always an accurate job

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The spectacle lenses in myopia visually reduce the eye. That’s why you work in this case with bright colors and light-intensive effects. Bright eyeshadows in pastel shades can be applied to the entire upper eyelid. On the edge, close to the eyelashes, use sparingly smoky grays or browns. The glasses with plus diopter make the eyes look a little bigger. They emphasize unwanted swollen eyelids and dark shadows in the eye area. Accordingly, you use dull, muted colors that absorb light and do not reflect. The eyeliner should be very thin. With the mascara make-up only the upper eyelashes.

Bright lip colors – Only if the eye area is discreetly made-up

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By the way, you do not have to avoid the lipstick when putting on your glasses. The version is already attracting attention, so you can choose brighter and more intense color for the lips with a more subtle eyeshadow.

Concealer, one to two shades lighter than the other skin tone, use in the eye area

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When applying make-up with eyeglasses, the eyelashes should not be overshadowed in length

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For a fresher look – apply some light eyeshadow immediately under the eyebrows

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With more ink on the eyelashes that grow close to the edge, make your eyelashes still full and voluminous effect

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Goggles with cat-eye-shaped frame

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Schminken mit Brille -schwary-schule-natuerlich-makeup-brauntoene-

Schminken mit Brille -rund-glaeser-japanese-chinese-maedchen

Schminken mit Brille -retro-chic-streifen-schwarz-weiss-eyeliner-rot-lippenstift-retro















Make-up with glasses – two video instructions

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