Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make-up tips for eyes – a natural-looking make-up magic


The term Nude-Look is understood as a decorative make-up, the restrained and discreet effect and the appearance as unvarnished closest. It is important to use only a little make-up. The look is suitable for everyday use and variable and emphasizes our natural beauty. This does not seem boring, but well maintained and natural. In the following paragraphs you will find more ideas for pictures and make-up tips for nude-look eyes .

Make-up tips for eyes: This is how the nude look works


A make-up does not always have to be intense. The nude look looks very sensual and is especially good for all women. He requires restraint in terms of color – in terms of eyeshadows, are allowed only natural tones, beige, pink, light brown, bronze; pale lip gloss and pearl-matt nail polishes perfect the look. Make-up goes by the motto “less is more” – it should not be recognizable that you are made-up. Finally, one should get the impression that you naturally look like this.

Make-up on the nude look: 1st step primer


Begin applying the concealer only where it is really necessary – under the eyes, on the mouth, on the chin, on the nostrils. It’s best for the concealer to get a shade lighter than make-up or a tone as close as possible to your complexion. Then spread it evenly with your fingers, as it is better absorbed by the body heat from the skin.


Make-up tips for eyes with natural looking make-up

In the next step, balance the complexion with powder. Use a powder that is transparent if possible, but you can bring a little color into play. Apply it sparingly and discreetly from the inside of the face to the outside – so that the shine is taken. You do not have to powder your whole face, but it is sufficient for the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead). Lidschatten-Farben-Beige-Rosé-Hellbraun-natürlicher-look

Eyeshadow – a perfect eye make-up can also be natural

Eyeshadows in subtle colors are ideal for the nude look. You can use different bright eyeshadows and combine them. Ausdrucksstarke-Augen-lipgloss-rosé-nude-look-schminken

Expressive eyes

Apply the brightest shade with a soft brush from the inside of the eyes to the outside, to distribute under the eyebrows on the entire moving eyelid. Make up the middle shade from the outer eye to the eyelid fold. Now blur the colors softly into each other – thus you achieve a smooth transition. Immediately on the upper edge of the eyelash you wear the darkest color.


Make-up in a transparent look

To give the eyes even more depth, you can draw a natural eyeline with a kohl in light shade. Mascara does not have to be missing in a nude-style eye make-up. Finalize your eye make-up with mascara – just brush your eyelashes once or twice with the brush. Lippen-Gloss-Leichter-Rosé-Ton-wangenknochen-betonen-rouge

Lipstick perfects the look

Complete the nude look with subtle lipstick. It may be a subtle lipstick or a shimmering lip gloss. This optimally emphasizes the natural lip color. Fresh and perfect look guaranteed!

The nude look in pictures:


Shiny eyeshadows


Light rosé-tone appearance as unvarnished natürlich-wirkende-looks-augen-make-up-braun-lidschatten

Delicate and unobtrusive colors nude-look-schminken-augen-schminktipps-mascara-schwarz

Nude look: close up rouge


Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

Eyeshadow colors – beige, rose, light brown


Shades of brown – warm and natural


Soft tones – of course make-up


Naturalness and decency


Keep eye make-up and lips discreet


The look is perfect for everyday wear


Make-up tips for eyes – restrained and discreet

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