Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make-up tendencies that no woman should feel ashamed of


All ladies love to make-up. They, and especially the younger ones who are still looking for their personal style, like to experiment regularly. Most of the time, it takes a lot of time to find the style that suits you best. Reason for this is, among other things, that the   Make-up trends come and go. Often women even choose their outfit according to the make-up they want to use for the occasion.

Make-up tendencies – find out what suits you best


Among the make-up tendencies, there are often those that are in doubt, even if every woman has ever had a time in which she trusts in a style of, for example, heavily painted lips and green eyeshadow. Nevertheless, there are also tendencies that are not accepted unanimously, but for which the ladies do not have to apologize. And that’s especially true if you’ve found exactly what suits you best with this tendency.

Make-up tendencies -red lips


The following examples are just such make-up tendencies : Red lipstick Even though men do not like to kiss heavily painted lips, the fact is that they find red lips attractive because they are a classic.Besides, they are just about every woman.Maybe that’s why Merilyn Monroe had so many admirers.


Artificial eyelashes

The lady who most probably first comes to mind when it comes to artificial eyelashes is Kim Kardashian.Although her style is hotly debated and not accepted by all, one can not deny that her eyelashes, though artificial, are extremely effective.After all, every woman has the right to wear artificial eyelashes or even hair, if that makes her feel more confident and prettier.


Artificial tan

One can not deny that the tanning cream makes a snow-white skin look more attractive and photogenic, even if some creams and sprays make the skin look orange.Another advantage is that the artificial tan is a lot safer than tanning in the sun.


Dense eyebrows

Make-up Tendenzen informieren.Anyone who still thinks that thin eyebrows are modern should check out the beauty and make-up trends again .Because as the British model Cara Delevingne has proven, dense eyebrows are extremely beautiful in a very great way.



Of course, the concealer is not exactly the perfect choice, as it is usually seen.But do you find that red pimples and dark spots are the better alternative?


An artistic manicure

You can use this kind of art to represent yourself.And considering how quickly manicure trends change, nail design can truly be considered art.


Dark lipstick

Did you know that most men find dark lips more attractive and irritating?Thanks to the singer Lord becomes one of the longest past  Make-up tendencies to make up the lips dark and almost black, again up to date.



Make-up Tendenzen der 80er Jahren modern war und somit vollkommen aus dem Trend sind.You may say that the glitter wasmodernin the make-up trends of the 80s and thus completely out of fashion.But then you are wrong.After all, the retro tendencies are currently very topical.So if you fancy glittering, do not hesitate to combine it with your make-up.


Smokey Eyes Makeup

In order to use this make-up, which is perfect for party nights, you should practice well before.Find out how you need to make up for it, so that the effort is finally worthwhile.


A lot of rouge

You can apply a lot of rouge if you want your cheekbones to look beautifully red and well accentuated.Note, however, that heavily applied rouge is not suitable for everyday use, as it has a stage effect.




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