Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make up hairstyles yourself – A casual hairbands type "French Twist"


The French Twist has always been a popular choice for a DIY updo for weddings and other official occasions. This pretty and simple hairstyle can be worn by a lady of all ages, but the hair has to be a bit longer. Make the hairstyle a bit more casual and chaotic so it looks even better. We ladies are always a little more worried when it comes to the right make-up and the right hairstyle. But leaving the hair to its natural texture and flaunting its blemish instead of perfecting it gives us a natural look and a casual haircut that still looks elegant. You can find a tutorial on Naughty Twist updos on your own.

To make wedding updos yourself


The casual DIY French Twist updo is a hairstyle that will make you feel relaxed and relaxed, while still showing your style with perfection. However, it may be that ladies with monotone colored hair with this hairstyle does not get a perfect styling. Instead, you can try highlights to make the hairstyle a little more attractive. For the hairstyle, it is beneficial if the hair is smooth, but you should not be too soft, as this could become an obstacle. Since you want the updo to get a chaotic look, it’s better for the hair to have a duller texture. You should still be hairdressable.

Updo “French Twist”


To be with   To make updos yourself, you need a surf spray first. For this tutorial the Bumple and Bumple Surf Spray was used. After applying the spray, you have to blow dry your hair on cold calls. Dry them with just your fingers and then work Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Finish into your hair to soften the tips. Next up is the more difficult part of the series where you have to pluck your hair into a crown for the DIY updo. Use a comb to start this step, shaping the hair slightly to the side instead of straight back. Toss the tips of the hair well to get a perfect shape. Use your fingers to comb hair back as if you were going to tie it into a ponytail. The direction in which you want to turn your hair depends entirely on you. You can either go left or right. In this updo hairstyle but mostly the direction is chosen to the left and also in this manual, the hairstyle is designed.

Make updo yourself – toup and put up high


Now take the ends of the hair in your hand and start twisting it in the desired direction. Once you have finished curling up and arriving at the head, check the shape and crown and if there is anything that you do not like and that you want to change. If you are willing to keep the hairstyle as it is, use hairpins to attach the twisted part to the hair on the head. While you are holding the hair clips, make sure that you do not press the hair banana flat. Use audreichend hairspray so that updo is well fixed in this form. And you are done with that. The DIY updo is not that hard to do, is it ?!

Updo with extravagant hair accessories


Make a casual updo yourself – instructions and video

Hochsteckfrisuren selber machen Haarflechten

Hochsteckfrisuren zusammengedrehtes-Haar-Banane-Hochzeit-Frisur-Ideen-selbermachen

Hochsteckfrisuren Hochzeit-Frisur-Klassiker-Haar-Banane-lässig-zusammengesteckt-Anleitung

DIY-lässige-Hochsteckfrisur-French-Twist-Haarbanane-Bilder-Anleitung via: Oncewed

DIY Bridal Hairstyle – French Twist with Braid

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