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Make simple nail designs yourself: Water Decals for a professional look

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Well-groomed fingernails are the calling card of the modern woman and the nail design – an expression of her taste. Unfortunately, not everyone is artistically gifted to paint small art and complicated motifs on his fingernails with nail polish and brush. With the help of Water Decals, still called Water Transfer Nail Stickers, you can now quickly conjure up beautiful patterns and simple nail designs on your nails! These water decals offer the opportunity to have professionally decorated nails, but save the money for the nail salon. How it works, you will learn in the following.

Simple nail designs for professionally decorated fingernails

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Water Decals are not the same nail stickers, because stickers are self-adhesive and can be more difficult to place on the nail. Water Decals, on the other hand, are thin motif foils that are nailed to the nail, so they do not stick themselves. Water is actually needed to detach the image from the thin backing paper.

Individual motifs or completely covering decals


With the Water Decals one differentiates between nail foils, which completely cover the nail and Decals, which represent only individual motives and are set more like small eye-catchers on the nail. For beginners and nail design for short nails, the last are perfect. For starters, choose a simple nail design, such as a floral pattern instead of geometric designs or straight lines.

Simple nail designs quickly homemade


In addition to the Water Decals, you need the following:

  • a cup of water – preferably a small bowl. It is not recommended to use a tall glass. If the decal sinks to the glass bottom, it would be much harder to reach it with the tweezers.
  • A scissors
  • tweezers
  • TopCoat
  • nail polish remover
  • 2-3 cotton buds

Apply Water Decals – step by step instructions


It starts with the preparation of the Water Decals. First, the thin protective film is peeled off, which is very important. If the foil remains on the decal, the motif can not be separated afterwards. Then the motif is cut out of the paper. You should not pay attention to the appropriate form, because the excess can be easily removed in the end. So you would not cut the labels too narrow or too short. There are basically 10 stickers in different sizes for every fingernail.

Apply topcoat and you’re done


The nails should be freed from grease and dirt before and already painted. The paint should be at least touch dry. It is best to choose white nail polish for the substrate, so that the colored motifs are better visible. The thin cardboard with the motif is placed in water and left for 5 to 10 seconds. Thereafter, the film should peel off the cardboard. If not, the cardboard is put in water for a few seconds. Then the decal is pulled out and put on the nail with the tweezers. If the fingernail is moistened, then the decal does not stick immediately and can be positioned on the nail as desired. Do not worry about the waves that are visible. The bumps are then smoothed with the application of the overcoat.

beautiful color gradients and detailed motifs

einfache nageldesigns schnell-professionell-lila-weiss

If the motif is already sitting in the desired location, a piece of kitchen roll is pressed onto the nail to absorb the excess water. Then the motif is fixed with a layer of TopCoat and preserved. If the overcoat is dry, you can now remove the protruding parts. Dip a cotton swab in nail polish dryer and carefully scrub off the excess. It is best not to touch anything on the nail, so that the design does not smudge.

The right base coat is crucial


It may take a little practice, but the result is breathtaking. Whether for short or long nails, Water Decals are perfect for any nail length. You can easily and quickly create a professional look.

Combine colors beautifully


Basically there are 10 stickers for each fingernail in each pack, but you can only apply 2 – 3 of them or just accent the ring finger. The other nails are painted with a monochrome nail polish. For a harmonious appearance, you choose a suitable color that can be found, for example, in the motif.

Combine water decals with other techniques


Gradient nails, still known as ombre nails , have beautiful color transitions and are great as a background for a water decal. The beautiful transitions are generated by the sponge technique.

Simple nail designs – the perfect design for every season


First, the fingernails are painted in a light color and then with the help of a cosmetic teat the second color is spotted in several layers. With this technique you can also create beautiful scenes on the fingernails like a beach in the early morning or at sunset.

Spice up a nail design with rhinestones


Water Decals can also be perfectly combined with other nail ornaments such as rhinestones and pearls. So that the whole thing does not seem too exaggerated, you rely on bright colors and simple designs.

Water Decals only on two fingernails


The water decal designs range from cheesy to elegant. If you like you can stick macaroons, animals, stamps or entire landscapes on your nails. For example, floral motifs that impress with intricate details and bright colors look very elegant. These slides offer great options for beautiful nail designs that you could never design so finely with nail polish.

Beautiful motifs for the fall


Orange and turquoise with owl motif


Fabulous motifs for the winter – snowflakes


There is a different design for every fingernail


Christmas motives on the nail make for a festive mood


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