Make nail polish yourself – instructions and helpful tips

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Beauty products are abundant in the market and there is something for every taste. But changing the taste for colors makes it difficult to keep the makeup and nail polish range up-to-date. Stylish is even if the two are adapted to each other and helpful styling tips are well used in such cases. We reveal how you can make a nail polish yourself .

Make nail polish yourself – with eye shadow and clearcoat

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It’s always a good idea to do something yourself and get two out of one product. So you not only save money, but also time to look for makeup and nail polish in the same or similar nuances. However, it is undeniably more tasteful when fingernail and eyeshadow, for example, are coordinated. But who can suspect that one person can produce the other from home at home?

Make nail polish yourself – instructions

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For our craft beauty project you need:

  • Eyeshadow of your choice
  • clear nail polish
  • Muffin tins
  • a small plastic bag or porcelain mortar with pestle
  • small vessel (best an empty vial of used nail polish with the brush)
  • small stick (eg skewer) for mixing

Make a nail polish yourself step by step – color pigments of eyeshadow of your choice

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It can be equally well powder eyeshadow, which use of pallet or pigments. However, one can only determine when testing which are suitable for this purpose and which not. Ultimately, it is very important that a uniform powder forms without irregularly sized particles. It is also advisable to use rubber gloves during the whole procedure.

Make nail polish yourself – crush eyeshadows and enter in a container

nail polish itself-making instructions-eyeshadow powder-powder

The eyeshadow can crush you in a porcelain mortar with pestle, but if none exists, use a small plastic bag. Insert the eyeshadow and destroy it until a uniform powder is obtained. Make sure that there is no hole in the plastic bag when applying too much pressure. Use a one blunt object for it, such as the back of a pen.

Make nail polish yourself – dissolve the eye shadow with a little nail polish remover

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The produced powder should be crushed really fine, so that afterwards no lumps are created. If you have used a bag, cut off a small corner in the bottom to make it easier to get the contents out of it. If you have used a mortar, shake the powder direct directly into a silicone or silicone muffin case for one-way use.

Make nail polish by yourself – for the eye shadow mixture clear coat

nail polish itself-making manual-mix-dark purple-clearcoat

Now add a few drops of nail polish remover to the eyeshadow powder in the muffin case. He will dissolve the pigments. Stir until a uniform mass is obtained. This should not be liquid. If there are any more clumps, add the clear nail polish.

Make nail polish yourself – stir until no lumps are left

nail polish-do it yourself-manual-mix-clearcoat-glitter-shimmer-dark purple

A precise measurement of the ingredients is not necessary, you can keep it about 50/50. More nail polish will make the consistency more fluid. You can test and then add a few more drops. Stir with the chopsticks or skewer until you like the mixture.

Make nail polish yourself – shake the self-produced nail polish into a suitable container

nail polish itself-making instructions-dark purple-easy-made modern

Now the self-made nail polish is already finished. You just have to present it better externally. Here comes the empty nail polish bottle with brush advantage. Enter the generated liquid and seal well. On request, you can mix several colors of eye shadow and achieve complex color shades.

Make nail polish yourself – tools and recommended materials

nail polish itself-making funnel-eyeshadow powder

If you find it difficult to get the powder from the eyeshadow into the small vial, make yourself a funnel made of baking paper. He should not be tall. When wrapping the funnel leave small opening at the bottom and fix with tape. Now the eyeshadow powder can be easily shaken into the bottle.

Make a nail polish with powder eyeshadow or pure pigments

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When you apply for the first time, you will find that the self-made nail polish tends to become dull. If a shiny effect is desired, apply a coat of top coat nail polish or just a coat of clear. Always use clear coat if the homemade dries too fast or the consistency becomes thicker.

Make a great nail polish with glitter and glitter

nail polish itself-make-glitter-glitter-paint clear-pink

Optionally, glitter and glitter can be added to the nail polish. Various variant are found among the makeup items or even in hobby shops. At the end, slightly larger particles can be placed quite decoratively on the lacquered nail and then sealed with clear lacquer.

Make nail polish yourself and then have to remove – nail polish remover box with sponge

nail polish itself-make

Before and after painting, the nails should be cleaned and nail polish residues removed. For expresse and very fast nail polish removal cans with integrated sponge are well used. It works quite simply – you put your finger in it and after a few rotations, the paint is off. But after regular use, the sponge looks really bad. He needs to be renewed.

Make nail polish remover tin with sponge yourself

nail polish itself-make Sponge nail polish remover-dose

It would work with any conventional sponge for bathing, which is relatively fine and not very porous. You can also make yourself a self fabricated nail polish remover tin. Take a small tin, but enough to cover your finger. It must also be easy to close so that the nail polish remover does not steam quickly. Now put the sponge in the tin and make a hole in the middle so you can turn your finger inside freely.

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