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Make nail polish storage by yourself – 10 simple DIY ideas

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Among the many cosmetic items a woman collects over time are the nail polish bottles. To tell the truth, it’s hard to separate it, because no matter how old a nail polish is, it could be well used again for one or another nail decoration. But if everyone is chaotic somewhere around, it will be difficult to find the required color. In such cases, a nail polish storage is required to keep the nail polish collection neat and at a glance.

Nail polish storage beautifully staged – In the can

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A cookie jar lets its contents, whatever it is actually filled, always look delicious and sweet. Except for the storage of cookies and all treats, it is wonderful to keep small items neat. Why not cosmetics such as make-up and make-up or nail polish. the cookie jar is our favorite among the ideas for nail polish storage because it just looks totally girly and chic. Fill with nail polishes in colors from the same color family and arrange decorative.

Nail polish storage as a harmonious decoration – Girlish and chic

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The next idea for nail polish storage is perfect for festive decoration, but also as a creative gift for a good friend. Pastel colors are currently very up to date and we advise you to decide for them. Choose 2-3 nail polishes in pastel shades, like something with glitter, and also get some Christmas balls, pearls and a mini Christmas tree. Everything can be arranged tastefully in a nice big glass jar. The lid can also be lavishly decorated.

Present nail polish storage beautifully – arrange by color

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The nail polish bottles, when they are sorted by color, look very decorative. Present your collection and place the nail polishes in a rectangular decorative plate with border. Choose the right size when you first consider how many nail polish bottles should fit. Measure out and go in search of the right deco-plate.

Make nail polish storage yourself – From two tablets

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Just like in a deco plate, the colorful nail polish collection can be beautifully presented in a beautiful tray. Tablets usually have an oval shape, so it does not fit so many nail polish bottles. To extend the self-developed storage system, you can fix two trays with one foot in between. There should be a kind of cake storage. For a foot between the two plates, for example, a candle holder can be used.

Nail polish storage made easy – a decidedly inexpensive idea

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A decidedly inexpensive option is to use a beautiful box of chocolates for nail polish storage. The only thing you need to keep in mind are the divisions – this should be your nail polish bottles inserted. It would be good if the candy box is made of sturdy material – for example, plastic or solid cardboard.

Make nail polish storage yourself – spice up old tea box

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For nail polish storage can serve all kinds of small boxes and boxes. If you have a suitably sized one, you can easily spice it up and quickly turn it into the right jewelry box. Take a tea box and remove the lid. Decorate the boring box bottom with deco or wrapping paper. You can place the box as well as vertically as well as horizontally and use it for nail polish storage.

Put nail polish storage in frame

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If you’re a real nail polish collector for a particular brand, then it’s worth presenting your collection in the best possible way. The accurately arranged color variety inspires the eye and attracts the attention. Just this effect effect achieved a lush mural of colorful vials of nail polish. First get a picture frame with a nice profile – it should not be very narrow, and accordingly you make yourself a small wall shelf. For this you only use lightweight materials, such as polystyrene profiles or stucco elements. For back you can use a piece of styrofoam. Use only suitable adhesives and paints that are suitable for plastic.

Make nail polish storage yourself – build small wooden boxes yourself


If you want to store your nail polish collection at a certain point, it would be useful to arrange storage options accordingly. Therefore, nail polish bottles do not weigh much – usually not more than 50g per bottle, so lightweight materials can be used successfully. Only for the floor we recommend to use wood and for the sides and intermediate sections you can also use polystyrene.

Ingenious and practical nail polish storage


If you want to stack the boxes with nail polishes on top of each other, you should also measure the height of the largest nail polish bottle and build the boxes accordingly. Make a preliminary drawing and determine the desired measures of nail polish storage. Wooden boards and other building materials can be cut to size in the hardware store on request.

Make nail polish storage for the whole nail polish collection yourself – build a narrow wall shelf


You have several dozens of nail polish bottles and want to have an overview? Then build a whole wall shelf for your nail polish collection. All you need are the exact dimensions, some thin wooden boards and craftsmanship.

Nail polish storage build yourself – Measure, get materials, assemble


Determine the exact dimensions according to the intended place and consider how many shelves should be available. In the end you need: a back wall, X pieces of shelves, two boards for the long outsides and two for the wide ones. All this can be cut in the hardware store.

Nail polish storage with several narrow shelves – Stable fix and secure


The individual shelves are fixed either with hot glue, as in the example above, or with thin nails and a hammer. Finally, paint in white or other color according to your choice. Hang up a self-made shelf wall or lean it against the wall.

Nail polish storage if space is missing – Organizer


On the market are plenty of options for storage of small items. So that your nail polish collection remains well arranged and neat, even if not much space is available, we recommend to decide for an Ogranizer to hang on a vertical surface.

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