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Make nail design in blue and white yourself – 5 examples

nagel design blau weiß selber machen

Nails in the colors blue and white look very cool and stylish. Since there are both light and dark tones of blue, you have the opportunity to create many variations of designs, depending on your mood. To help you make the choice, today we have prepared some interesting ideas for a nail design in this elegant color combination.

Nail design inspired by porcelain

dunkelblau design blumen motive glanz elegant

Photo via rina-alcantara

1. This nail design was inspired by the art that you can find on porcelain. If you are looking for a combination of dark blue and white , porcelain can be a great inspiration.

Nail Design – An interesting effect through polka dots

blau weiß nagellack tupfen effekt blume

Photo via muxe

2. These nails were designed by first applying a layer of blue varnish. Then, with the help of cling film white nail” polish> on the nails dabbed to get this stunning effect. In addition, white flowers were added in the form of stickers to make the design even more beautiful.

3. If you want a nail design combining blue and white, but do not have much time left, these two options are a good idea. Simply apply white nail polish first, sprinkle with blue glitter” and finally apply a clear nail polish as soon the design has dried redistribute glitter if you want can also add flower or stars.>

maniküre lackieren glitzer blau effektvoll pediküre

Photos via nails , slodive

Paint fingernails and toenails in the same design

4. If you’re into geometric designs, it’s worth trying this nail design out of triangles in two blue shades on a white background.

nägel lackieren blau hellblau dunkelblau dreiecke geometrisch

Photo via chalkboardnails

A nail design of geometric figures

5. Nails with lace look refined and elegant. For this reason, the blue nails with white tip and blue stones in this example make for glamor.

hellblau spitze nagellack nail art selbermachen

A nail design with lace

materialien nagellack hellblau dunkelblaue steine nachmachen

You need light blue nail polish and blue rhinestones

Photos via muxe

Further inspirations:

dunkelblau blumen weiß motive malen selbermachen

Dark blue nails with flowers

maniküre hellblau weiß ornamente verschnörkelt lack

A design with ornate motifs

hellblau malen weiß nägel designen gestalten

Pretty, white floral motifs

dunkelblau weiß nagel design selbermachen maniküre

Another design reminiscent of porcelain


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