Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make nail design easy at home


Long nails look neat and elegant, especially when designed with the French Manicure. However, if you are fed up with white nail tips, perhaps it is time to choose one of the following nice examples of French manicure design .

Make nail design yourself – French manicure with butterflies


1. This nail design was created by first painting the nail tips with a typical white nail polish in the typical French style. Then the butterfly wings of purple and pink nail polish were added.

Nail design in different pastel colors


2. If you are a fan of geometric designs, you can try this French Manicure. It consists of pastel shades and is an interesting change.

Nail design with glitter and pearls for the wedding


3. Also among the brides nail design has become very popular. So if you want a French manicure for the wedding, give it a bridal look by adding pearl necklaces and crystals.

French manicure with a difference – black and white


geometrische figuren selber machen nägel schritt 1

This is how the nail design is made

nägel hochzeit perlen weiß ideen nagellack

French manicure with pearls

Photo via vepean

nägel pink leopard muster perlen glitzer

Leopard pattern in pink

Photos via wink and blush

4. Nails with animal motifs are also very popular with the ladies and girls. So the next time you design your leopard-style nails, choose a unique nail design by painting only the nail tips in such designs of pink, black and gold. Spice up the design a little by adding golden beads as shown in this example.

nagel design pink leopard glitzer french

The nail design in single steps

design hochzeit nägel weiß herzform steine

A manicure for the wedding in heart shape

5. This is another pretty and elegant design for the bride’s manicure, where the nail tips get a heart shape and are decorated with pearls and crystals.

Further examples:

lackieren nägel geometrisch pastell nuancen ideen

Geometric pattern in pastel colors and with glitter

design geometrisch blau weiß nägel lackieren

Nail design with silver stripes

buntes nageldesign geometrisch dreiecke bunt alltag

Nails with geometric pattern – triangles

geometrische figuren pastell nagellack design modern

geometrisches design nägel lackieren passtellene nuancen

Photos via so nailicious

streifen geometrisch pastell neutral natürliches nageldesign

hochzeit maniküre weiß dekorieren perlen steine

nagel design hochzeit weiß steinchen elegant

nagel design hochzeit steine weiß silber motive

design nagellack schwarz rot herz mandelform

blaues design nägel schmetterling flügel metallic

schmetterling nägel bunte flügel originelles design

schmetterling design blumen bunt nagel lackieren

nägel motive blumen schwarz weiß schmetterling

nagel design leopard tiger muster effektvoll

neutrales leopardenmuster fingernägel lackieren design farben

nagel spitzen tiger muster zebra schwarz weiß

leoparden muster nägel dekorieren blau pastell

nagel design leopard muster french manicure

nagel design bunt herzform lange nägel

french manicure weiß lila schmetterling flügel

Photo via naildesign

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