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Hairstyles For Women

Make gel nails yourself – information about the modeling

gelnägel selber machen hautfarbe schwarz feder motiv elegant

Every woman wants a nice manicure – unfortunately you need medium to long nails for most nail designs. Here, the so-called modeling comes to the rescue – the new technology with UV light allegedly reinforced the natural nails and promotes their growth. In addition, nail extensions can be attached quickly. What is hidden behind the technology and whether gel nails can be done yourself , we guess you in the article.

Make gel nails yourself – What is modeling?

gelnägel selber machen pastell rose zickzack akzent

If you would like to make gel nails yourself , you should not be a beginner in nail design. Because although numerous kits are offered, it is not so easy to attach a modeling. First, it is necessary to prepare the nails – the cuticle is removed, the nails are filed and finely polished until the surface no longer shines. Only then can the modeling take place. It is always applied in three layers – adhesive layer, build-up layer and sealing layer. Each layer is cured by means of a UV lamp and then additionally processed. There are basically three variants to choose from – if the natural nails are long enough, only one layer of gel is applied. This guarantees that the paint and the nail design last longer. In addition, the nails are protected from chipping in this way. Anyone wishing for a nail extension can do so using templates or tips. These are then additionally filed and polished, and then the second and third gel layers are applied and cured with UV light. In the end, the artificial nails look very natural and supposedly last much longer than acrylic nails.

Glitter gel nails make themselves in turquoise and pink

gelnägel selber machen tuerkis pink glitzer idee

In summary – gel nails look good, promote the growth of natural nails and last a long time. Anyway, beginners should not try to do it themselves, but rather go to a nail salon. Only women who already have a certain experience with gel nails and have a modelage can try it. In any case, there is a risk of damaging your own fingernails.

Ombre gel nails

gelnägel selber machen ombre rot silber glitzer damen

Rainbow gel nails

gelnägel selber machen regenbogen diagonal design gruen lila blau rot glitzer

Make gel nails yourself – extend the nails with templates

auftragen Stamping Strasssteine kleiner Stern

zerbrechen Stamping schwarz Mauri Motive

The so-called tips are attached with gel

Strasssteine lila Nagellack Glitter

Three layers of gel are applied and then cured with UV light

Stamping Tips Verlängerung weiß gold Ideen Hochzeit

The gel nails last a long time and protect the natural nails

Kunstnägel Acryl oder Gelnägel UV Licht

They also look very natural

silber Stamping Steine Glitzer Elemente

schwarzer Lack Stamping Schablonen auftragen Strasssteine

Nagelgel Tips Nagelverlängerung Stamping Strasssteine

Ideen Nagelverlängerung Modellage Tips Glitzersteine

lila Nagellack Glitzersteine Schablonen Gelnägel

Glitter Gold Strasssteine LED UV Licht Gel

Gelnägel Glitter Gold rosa Lack Strasssteine

machen Vorteile Nachteile Lack lange halten

verlängern blau Nagellack Blumen Glitzersteine

machen Schablone Technik Stamping Ideen

Ideen schwarz weiß Nageldesign Schablone

Nageldesign Stamping UV Licht aushärten modellieren

Nageldesign Ideen schwarz lila Stamping Strasssteine

Nagellack Gel UV Licht aushärten lange halten

Glitter Gold Strasssteine weiß Nagelverlängerung

Maniküre Strasssteine Stamping Hochzeit Ideen

Stamping Nageldesign Gelnägel Tips blaue Strasssteine

Nagelgel Nageldesign Blumen Stamping Ideen

Nägel Design Ideen Hochglanz Steine

Glitter Gold Schablone Verlängerung Gel UV

Maniküre Blumen Gelnägel Design Ideen

Maniküre Nageldesign bemalen Schablone UV Licht

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