Make gel nails yourself – 9 ideas with instructions for beautiful manicure

Gelnägel selber machen elegante-fingernägel-ohne-tips-roter-gellack

Beautiful nails with or without design are of great importance to women and speak for a neat look. They contribute to the general appearance and strengthen the self-confidence. Many women opt for gel nails as they always look shiny and make a more permanent choice for the manicure . Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to going to the nail salon, then you are right here. In the article, we present ideas with instructions on how to make the gel nails , what important steps to take, and other helpful tips for elegant nail designs.

Worth knowing about the gel nails yourself

Gelnägel selber machen zuhause-led-uv-lampe-glänzende-rote-fingernägel

Gel nails are made of a technology enhanced and beautified fingernails whose upper layer always looks shiny. On the nails, a UV gel is applied, which hardens under UV light and after two or three repetitions significantly strengthen the nails. If you would like to make your own gel nails, then you should pay attention to some important points in order not to damage your natural nails. The fingernails should be carefully shaped and filed with a suitable file so that they do not become brittle. Furthermore, attention must be paid to hygiene and the nails should be treated with a suitable nail care.

Make gel nails yourself or have them done in the nail salon?

Gelnägel selber machen statt-nagelstudio-vorteile-nachteile-roter-nagellack

If you have naturally discolored or brittle fingernails, you can handle the problem by opting for gel nails. But now comes the question of whether the gel nails make themselves at home or should rather visit a nail salon. Actually, both variants have their advantages – the do it yourself presents the cheaper alternative, the visit to the specialist saves some time, if the studio is not far away. In addition, you can just sit back and let yourself be pampered there.

However, if you decide to do it yourself, you can continue reading, as some tips and design ideas that will help you are summarized below. Learn with which means and with which steps you get with a little practice to the perfect nail design, on which all will be jealous.

What do you need to do for gel nails yourself?

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To make durable gel nails on your natural nails, you need a suitable equipment. There are different sets on the market that are suitable for beginners or professionals alike. If you are a beginner in the gel nails, then you need a starter kit, which contains only the most necessary equipment: a UV lamp, primer, cleaner, UV gel or gel varnish in the form of base coat, as well as top coat and color coat. Further, the usual tools such as files, buffers and cuticle pushers are necessary to make the manicure. Video instructions for artificial gel nails with French manicure and other DIY designs can be found later in the article.

French nails – elegant manicure for every occasion

Gelnägel selber machen french-maniküre-diy-uv-lampe-elegant

The French fingernails combine beautifully with all sorts of clothing and can be worn both in everyday life, as well as for festive occasions. The classic French manicure without decorations looks natural and you can easily make it yourself at home, without having special artistic skills, as they are necessary for some motifs and patterns, for example. You may even have already done the French manicure with normal nail polish? Then you know that it really is not difficult. In principle, the procedure for the gel lacquer does not differ much from the normal one. Only the roughening of the nail surface and the use of the lamp make the difference.

Make French gel nails yourself – instructions


When making your own gel nails, you should always first make your fingernails with a file. Here you can choose both the angular nail shape, as well as a rounded. That’s a matter of taste. You should also remove or push back the cuticle and precisely buff the surface of the nail with the buffer until it no longer shines. This rough surface ensures that the paint can adhere well. This is basically like sanding wood and then painting. Then the fingernails are cleaned (there should be no greasy residue as they prevent the gel from sticking well), painted with the base coat and held in the UV lamp to allow it to dry and solidify. With this you have already completed the first steps. Hardening in the lamp does not take as long as normal nail polish, which of course is another advantage over him.

French finger nails make yourself with UV lamp


Above the base coat, a light-colored UV varnish is applied and cured. Next, the tips are painted in white using the stencils and cured again. Then the stencils are removed, the overcoat applied and the nails held under the LED light. Due to the heat that prevails in the light, a so-called sweat layer on the nail surface, which should not scare you. This is completely normal. Finally, this layer of sweat is removed, for example, with a nail polish remover and the nails are treated with a cuticle oil to give them the necessary care.

Video tutorial: Artificial gel nails with tips make yourself

Nail design for DIY with nail art brushes


If you want to decorate one or more nails, this should happen with the topcoat before the last cure. Then paint gels and decorations such as glitter, rhinestones, stickers and the like can be applied to the nails to create a beautiful nail design. All this you then fix with the topcoat, which not only ensures colors for patterns and motifs, but also decorations.

Red gel nails instructions – preparation of the nails


Who does not like red fingernails? They look elegant and are suitable for every season, but only if the nail polish looks fresh and does not peel off, which happens quickly with ordinary paint. Straight designs with strong colors quickly lose their beauty and have to be renewed very often. For the perfect and lasting red nails, the best is the gel-lacquer. If you want to make red gel nails yourself, start again with the usual preparation of the fingernails. This guarantees later a longer hold of the gel on the nails.

Red gel nails Instructions – Apply under-, color- and topcoat


As a further step, the fingernails are varnished with the base coat or the so-called base coat, which protects the natural nails from the following steps and influences and from the color coat discoloring your nails, that is to say a protective layer. Only then is the color coat applied and finally covered with the overcoat, which seals the paint underneath. All of this has to be individually cured again under the UV lamp and your perfect red nail design is done! You can apply these steps to any other color as well.

Make gel nails yourself – the role of the UV lamp


The UV lamp is used between application before each layer. Depending on the model and power of the lamp, the fingernails need between 60 and 120 seconds to cure. The UV light seals the UV gel or the gel enamel and ensures beautiful nails for up to two weeks. This is especially beneficial for the ladies because they do a lot of household chores that ruin ordinary nail polish. The regular rinsing of the dishes, for example, is one of them. With the Gellack, however, you will enjoy your manicure for a longer time.

Making red gel nails yourself – give the finishing touch


To give the red nails the finishing touch, you should wipe away the sweat layer again and treat the cuticles with oil. Do not worry if the first attempts are not perfect – if you always want to make beautiful gel nails yourself, regular exercise is very important. You’re sure to get the hang of it quickly and soon enjoy creating the manicure yourself.

Make gel nails yourself without UV lamp


Would you like to get that great gel look on your nails without a UV lamp? With a nail polish or gel-over varnish you can achieve the desired shiny effect, however, the nail polish in this case is not as durable as with the UV light. It all depends on what you expect from your finished design.

Make simple nail design yourself


Whether with or without UV lamp, you can even make simple nail designs without much time. If you have an artistic talent, you can create even more elaborate and creative designs. Give it a try and experiment calmly. Maybe you even have a talent for it, without having guessed it! For the idea above, not much talent is needed. On a bright gel layer, a black accent in the form of a thin line is added in the area of ​​the crescent.

Make gel nails with nail stickers yourself


You want to make and decorate your gel nails yourself, but you can not paint yourself on the nails with a brush? In this case, we recommend the use of nail stickers, which are easily glued to the fingernails and ultimately create a beautiful nail design. There are a variety of decorative elements that make your job easier and even beginners a beautiful design that is also much cheaper than in the nail salon.

Necessary materials and instructions


For the gel nails with nail stickers you need the UV lamp and the appropriate paints and tools to prepare the nails. At the beginning, you start with the usual procedure: prepare fingernails, paint with the base coat and harden. Put the stickers ready before you start painting, so you will not miss anything afterwards.

Do instructions for gel nails yourself


The next step is to apply the color coat and keep your fingers in the UV lamp. Only then the nail stickers are glued on, as they should be under the overcoat, so as not to be damaged by the UV light. The sticker is cut out, kept in water for one minute and then glued on one or more nails of your choice. Then apply the topcoat and harden again. So you can do a simple nail design for gel nails yourself and in no time.

Make beautiful gel nails yourself with glitter


If you like the glitter fingernails, then you can make sparkling gel nails yourself. The only difference to the usual gel nails is that color was used. However, you can get the effect with glitter powder and make flashy designs like ombre with glitter itself. Also it says again “Try is about studying”. Guides can of course help you a lot with experimenting and practicing. However, nothing hinders you to try something of your own.

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