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Hairstyles For Women

Make eyebrows – A few helpful tips & tricks

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The eyebrows are the frame of the eyes. They contribute to a fascinating look, which is the trademark of the woman. The dense eyebrows are particularly modern today. Unfortunately, not every lady is lucky enough to own such eyebrows, so you’ll need to do a few tricks to get them. We would like to introduce you to this kind of eyebrow tips in this article. With a sweeping arc of your eyebrows, make sure you have a charming look right now and without much effort.

Make eyebrows – Use a normal mirror


Surely you use or know at least the makeup mirror with magnifying mirror. He clearly has its advantages when it comes to eyebrow shaping . So, for example, even the smallest hairs are visible, which facilitates the plucking. But do not forget that you lose the overall view of the eyebrows . For this reason, this is rather unsuitable for eyebrow shaping . It is best to use a normal mirror.

The right utensils


In addition to the right mirror, you should also choose the right tweezers to sculpt the eyebrows . The tip should be bent. Otherwise, it will be harder to pick up the hairs and pluck them properly. So if you do not already have the right tweezers, get them first of all. The handle should also be non-slip.

Easier removal of the hairs

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You know the problem of eyebrow shaping . You pluck it on the same hair several times, but it does not give way. This does not necessarily have to be due to the tweezers. Always pluck your eyebrows after the shower. Because of the steam and the heat the skin softens and the pores open. As a result, hair can be removed more easily and thus painlessly. A really helpful tip for eyebrow shaping .



There are special templates for eyebrows shaping . With such a template, it will be easier for you to design the right shape. Furthermore, you should first make-up the contour of the eyebrows and then just fill them. You will see how easy it is.

Maintain the eyebrows


If you want healthy, good-looking eyebrows, you should take care of them regularly. After all, you do that with your hair too. For this purpose a variety of oils are offered. Apply it daily!

Prevent pain


Are you more sensitive and can not tolerate even the slightest pain? Then we have a trick for the eyebrows shape for you, because even the plucking of the eyebrows can sometimes be quite painful. Place an ice cube on the eyebrow before plucking. The cold makes the skin numb for a short time, so that the pain is less or even absent. This in turn ensures that you can concentrate on shaping.

Eyebrow shaping and makeup – plump eyebrows


If you have rather thin eyebrows, you can make them appear thicker with an eyebrow pencil. So use it after eyebrow shaping or just make-up. Be sure to choose a shade that matches your hair. If you fill the eyebrows with the pen, you should not miss places where hair is missing, but also put on make-up.








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