Make evening hairstyles yourself – 18 tips and tricks for an effective look

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An evening hairstyle transforms every woman and makes her appear feminine and beautiful. For the perfect look to be achieved, not only does the hairstyle have to stand, but the lady has to feel really good with it. To style the hair elegantly, to meet the individual requirements and ideas perfectly, is probably one of the biggest challenges for every hairdresser. But can not everyone at home do chic evening hairstyles themselves ? We encourage you with fresh ideas, tips & tricks for every hair length and occasion.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – braided and semi-open

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Intricate updos and strictly elegant looks are no longer trendy. Currently, casual evening hairstyles are preferred by stars, which complement the feminine appearance and for fresh, youthful flair. Braided elements, half-open hair and loose braids are perfect for any party or Galla evening, why not for the prom or a family celebration. It is advisable to choose two or more hairstyles suitable for your hair structure and length and to try them out. Maybe more than just your two hands are needed. Also get everything useful, such as hair accessories, tools and aids in advance.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – Open long hair with plaited accent – Instructions

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Lockenstaab, hair spray, all brushes, for example, Toupieren and blow-drying, hair spray for fixing, as well as different hair clips, needles and rubbers, depending on hairstyle, are needed. We recommend choosing the hair accessories always matching the hair color. If you like to use hair and headdresses, do without a necklace and earrings, discreet stud earrings are allowed.

Make simple evening hairstyles yourself – French plait braided down

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Experiment with the well-known hairstyles if you make them different. Braiding a braid differently works wonderfully and looks like a chic bun from the beginning. Head over the braid at the back of your head to braid. This evening hairstyle works best with a little practice or you are supported directly by two helping hands. Comb the hair down and begin to braid a tight French braid until about half the head is braided. Fix the braided strand with a hair tie and straighten the hair into a bun.

Make your own evening hairstyles – Dutt with wickerwork on both sides

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A bun is fit for any occasion and works flawlessly if you have a dutt pillow in matching size to your hair length size. Braided elements give the evening hairstyle a filigree look and are a great way to give the classic hairstyling an update. First, draw a center parting and divide the whole hair into three sectors – two equal in the front half of the head and one at the back of the head. Now you start to weave a French plait from the forehead backwards over the head on each side. Fix with small hair ties and tie with the remaining hair low on the neck. Fix the Duttkissen and cover it neatly with hair ..

Make quick evening hairstyles yourself – French twist instructions

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French Twist, also known as Hairbane, is one of the classic hairstyles. It is perfect for every hair length and occasion. Casual and elegant at the same time, it can be easily created by yourself. In another article we have it working. Look here .

French twist for medium-long hair


The simple form and the vertical binding of the hair optically extend the neck. No wonder Audrey Hepburn wore this elegant haircut in Breakfast in Tiffany. To succeed, a length is needed at least up to the shoulders. Also needed are a handful of hair clips, stick and hair spray.

Make evening hairstyles yourself


The hair is now divided into two parties. Style a banana with one half of the hair, fix with hairpins and cover with the initially separated strand of hair as you put it over the hair banana and fasten with clips.

Festive evening hairstyles make yourself – Simple hairstyle for prom, New Year’s Eve or for party


The easiest way to do this is to work in a beautiful braided hairstyle, such as a French side braid. To complete the look, you agree the color of the hair accessories on your outfit. Not only the color but also the nuance is important.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – Curly hair and hidden French braid


To present your beautiful long curly mane, braid a hidden French braid on one side and leave the remaining hair open. First, draw a side parting and begin to braid one side with selected strands of a French braid. Start close to the hairline and weave back along the head. From the middle neck onwards, do not pick up hair from the top. Fix the braid under the open hair with a hair tie.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – long hair


To mimic this beautiful evening hairstyle for long hair, plait two waterfall pigtails horizontally on both sides. When braiding hair is added on one side only from above. If more volume is desired, you can toup the front hair party. The two braids end at the back of the head and continue loosely braided as usual.

Playful evening hairstyles for long hair – braiding a rose in the hair


Now loosen the little pigtails a bit, pull out single strands and turn first the left, then the right pigtail and fix with the clips.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – plait mid-length hair loosely


Messige Dutt and braided hairstyles are in vogue and can be managed with relatively short hair. A hair length to the shoulders should be enough to make this evening hairstyle yourself. The fluffy variant of the Dutch braid looks fairy-tale and you can call them goddesses hairstyle. Divide the hair into two parties – left and right, and braid the two so that they gently merge at the back of the head. Fix with hairpins and pull out several small strands to create a messy look. Fix with plenty of hairspray to keep the hairstyle longer.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – tie short hair beautifully


If you have short hair and want a special hairstyle for a special occasion, you can do it yourself without much effort. All you need is a curling iron and maybe even a hair clip.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – Bob chic style


Although simple, yet chic, it is easy to quickly conjure a French braid sideways even with a short bob hairstyle. Pull one side parting and start braiding close to the hairline. go further, if you loosen the braid a bit and fix it over the ear.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – waves and French braid on one side


Make evening hairstyles yourself – make your own Dutt hairstyle with Spiral Hairpin


For very fast and super stable hair buns use spiral hairpin. For normal, thin or fine hair we recommend 2 pieces per knot and for thick or heavy hair – 3 pieces each. Now tie a ponytail loosely to the neck with only the hairs on the back of the head and form into a bun. Wrap the front strands around and fix with hairpins.

Make hairstyles yourself – The hairstyles of the stars


For long and heavy hair we recommend braiding hairstyles. The updos in this type of hair do not hold well and are very expensive to design. Present your beautiful mane braided in a playful braid, as by the Hollywood actress Margot Robbie.

Do braided evening hairstyles yourself – instructions for long hair


The length. full hair is divided into three and braided separately to the back of the head. Then join and braid as a big loose braid. You are welcome to insert hair pearls and jewelry or even flowers.

Make evening hairstyles with glasses yourself – what should be considered?


Women who wear glasses often have the problem of combining the hairstyle with it in a tasteful and chic way. See the excellent examples of the stars – actresses Anne Hathaway and Christina Hendriks. You have interpreted classic hairstylings, such as ponytail or French twist, very casual. And there is actually the trick.

Make evening hairstyles yourself – Although simple, but chic


Loosely tied hair and strands that fall gently around the face dissolve the severe look that the glasses produce. Avoid strict updos and perfectly smoothed hair.

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