Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make braided hairstyles yourself – an accent to the ponytail


Today we show you how you can make beautiful braided hairstyles yourself . Their base consists of a ponytail.

Braids themselves make an accent to the ordinary ponytail


The accent is a braid type “fishbone”, which gives the usual ponytail more pep. The head is adorned by a pompadour. Do not you think it looks so much better?

To make the braided hairstyles yourself you need:


  • a brush
  • a stalk comb
  • a spray bottle
  • 2 little hair ties
  • 3 to 4 hair clips
  • hair spray
  • Accessories, if desired

Difficulty: Medium

Make braided hairstyles yourself – Instructions:


  1. You can do the braided hairstyles yourself by starting to split part of the hair over your forehead in the form of a square.
  2. Then, to make a pompadour, toup it to add some volume. Then smooth the surface of the pompadour with a brush.
  3. Next, tie this part of the hair together with a hair tie that has a similar color to your hair. Make sure that the pompadour in front is a bit puffy.
  4. Then weave this part into a fishbone and bind the braid with a hair tie matching the hair color.
  5. Clamp this braid out of the way for a while.
  6. Now tie the remaining hair together to form a low, firm ponytail.
  7. Take a strand of it and wrap it around the ponytail hair tie to hide it. Attach this strand of hair with hairpins.
  8. Now take the fishbone and place it directly and centered along the head and on the wrapped part.
  9. Use a few hair clips to attach the braid to the wrapped part of the ponytail.
  10. Finally, fix with hairspray and add some accessories on request.

The hairstyle is fixed twice on the ponytail


The thin herringbone


You can start with the braid first


A closer look


A braid hairstyle with herringbone


Ponytail hairstyle with decoration


An original idea with knots


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