Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make an elegant vintage hairstyle yourself – 4 instructions


The vintage style is currently very modern. It does not matter whether it is about the home furnishings, outfit or hairstyle. That’s why in this article we’ll introduce you to four examples of a vintage hairstyle that you can easily make yourself at home. Vintage hairstyles are so pretty and elegant, yet so easy to make. Just give it a try!

Vintafe Hairstyle – a simple French twist


This vintage haircut is perfect for a business lunch or just a formal dinner event. The hairstyle is easier to do than you might think. If you follow these instructions, it will take no more than 5 minutes to design them. It will not cause any trouble and will ultimately look wonderful.

Vintage Hairstyle French twist-the steps


And so it goes to the perfect vintage hairstyle You need an ordinary flat brush, a few hair clips and hair spray. Brush your hair until it is smooth and supple. Then tie them together in the neck area to a low ponytail. Vintage Frisur nach oben einzudrehen. Now you have to start turning your hair up for this vintage hairstyle . But make sure that you do not screw it too tight. Then, starting from the hair tips, wrap the braid inwards and towards the head. Make sure that the hair tips are well hidden in the “hair roller”. Now take the hair clips and fasten the roll with them. It is best to do this in the roll itself in the neck area and in the upper part of the roll, so that they are invisible. Fix the   Vintage hairstylewith enough hairspray to keep you feeling good for a few hours and you’re done.


Vintage waves

The   Vintage hairstyle from waves of the 1940s has never really gone out of fashion. Here’s how it’s done: Wash your hair and blow-dry it. Use a heat protection spray. Now you have to divide your hair in two parts. First, take half of the hair that is over your ears and pin it down. Divide the open hair into two parts (right and left half) and place them over the shoulders to start the hairstyle. (You can halve these two parts again, but that’s not necessary if you have thinner hair.)


Glamorous hair waves

Vintage Frisur nach vorn, in Richtung Gesicht, zu locken.Now you can start curling your hairforward, towards the face,for this vintage hairstyle .Take the curling iron and hair and wrap it up.Count to ten and drop the lock.Now take the curl in the curling iron and squeeze it together.Put them aside with a clasp.Continue in the same way with the rest of your hair.Once your hair cools, remove the clips and run your fingers through the curls.Then take the hair to one side.Nehmen Sie nun eine hübsche Haarspange und klemmen Sie die Haare auf der entgegengesetzten Seite nach hinten, um der Vintage Frisur den letzten Schliff zu geben.Most of the time, the right side is chosen, but you decide for yourself.Now take a nice hair clip and pinch the hair on the opposite side back to give the vintage hairstyle the finishing touch.If you have put your hair on the left side, you have to stick the right side to the back and vice versa.


A Vintage Hairstyle – The Gibson Tuck

This hairstyle is currently incredibly modern. That’s why you should try this vintage hairstyle right now! Vintage Frisur keine Rolle, ob sie frisch gewaschen sind.Since you’re going to be twisting your hair, itdoes not matterfor thisvintage hairstyleif it’s freshly washed.Even if a few days have passed since then, it does not matter.Bring your hair together in a ponytail, whether high or low. Now you have to pull something with both hands at the beginning of the ponytail (where the hair tie is). This loosens the ponytail and allows you to create an opening that you need to hold open with one hand. Now start turning the ponytail with a free hand finger and insert it through the opening you have kept open so far. Keep tightening your fingers so they fit snugly against your head. Vintage Frisur mit Haarklemmen und fertig ist Ihr Gibson Tuck.Attachthe vintage hairstyle with hairpins and your Gibson Tuck is done.


Gibson Dutt with braids


Gibson Dutt hairstyle with hair cmuck


Add a loop for a vintage hairstyle

Such a pretty bow can be worn during your stay at the beach or even an evening event. A flawless skin, a longer eyeliner and bright red lips to match make the look even more impressive. But let us now turn to this pretty vintage hairstyle and how to do it: start by washing and drying your hair, as you did with the Vintage Wave hairstyle. Once your curls have dried, run your fingers through your hair to get supple, romantic waves. Brush your hair back and wrap a pretty, playful hair band or bandana around your head to complete that look. Vintage Frisur , finden Sie nicht auch? Simply perfect and easy to do is the vintage hairstyle , do not you think? So much for “simple, vintage, elegant and pretty”!



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