Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make a tutorial for updo with braid yourself

hochsteckfrisur mit flechtzopf haare styling anleitung dutt seitlich

This braid is not new. But he is definitely on the list of the most beautiful braids that exist. In this variant for an updo with braid, the braid runs obliquely backwards along the head and ends in a braided bun. In this way, you get a stunning braiding hairstyle. You can also combine the braid with many other hairstyles. It is ideal for the prom or another special occasion, but also for everyday life. You will just love him.

Make an updo with plait type “zipper” yourself


Before you begin braiding for the updo with braid, you should moisten the hair. With braids , which consist of many strands, this helps to make the hairstyle look neater and fresher at the end. While you are braiding, it can happen that short, protruding hair strands arise. Comb them to the braid and poke them underneath to hide them.

Instructions for the updo with braid


This braid is more advanced and can be difficult to handle the first few times, but with each new attempt it becomes easier and beautiful if you know how to do it. As I said, the first few times it will be difficult to get the updo with braid, but keep practicing until you get the hang of it.

The great thing about this updo with braid is that it is suitable for older girls and women, as well as for small children and will undoubtedly astonish everyone.

For the updo with braid you need:

– a brush
– a stalk comb
– a spray bottle
– a hair band / rubber
– 3 to 5 hairpins
– Hairspray

Used time: 8 to 10 minutes

Difficulty: difficult

Flechtzopf idea – it’s well worth the effort


Girl hairstyle with braid


This is how it’s done step by step:

– Start by moistening your hair.
– Take a small part of the hair on the side near the tip of the head and divide it into three strands.
– Take the middle strand and put it over the left.
– Now take the new middle strand and place it over the right.
– Now you are done with the first step of the braid.
– Next, take the new middle strand again and put it over the left side, whereupon you lead it under the two right ones. This strand should now hold the person you braid the best, so that the whole does not slip, but remains fixed.
– Take a new strand of the still open hair to the right of the braid, so you have three strands to braiding again.
– Lay this new strand over the middle and then pass under the left. This must also be recorded.
– Until this time, you have prepared the basic steps for the basic braid.

Updo for advanced


– Now start with the “zipper”.
– Take a new strand from the left side of the braid to get back a third strand, put it over the middle and insert it under the right one. Again, she has to be held.
– Now take the first strand that you had given to hold on. This must be under the strand, these have just passed. Add it to the middle strand.
– This creates a kind of “sandwich” around this strand.
– Take a new strand from the right side, put it over the middle and then under the left strand and let this second strand hold tight.
– Now take the first streak of the given one, take it under the second one you just dropped, and add it to the middle one. From now on, everything is repeated.
– Continue to repeat the steps until you have absorbed all the hair. Over time, the braided braid will gain more and more shape and more resemble a zipper.
– Finally, tie the hair with a hair tie and add a bow, if you like. But you can also weave the resulting ponytail into an ordinary braid and then wrap it around the rubber, creating a bun for an updo with braid .
– Fix the bun with a few hairpins.
– If desired, fix the updo with braid with hairspray.

Updo with bun


The braid becomes wider


Original hairstyle for special occasions


Updo with braid – Idea for long hair with ponytail

hochsteckfrisur mit flechtzopf reissverschluss seitlich pferdeschwanz anleitung

Updo with original braided pattern

hochsteckfrisur mit flechtzopf haare reissverschluss maedchen haarstyling

The braid with ponytail

hochsteckfrisur mit flechtzopf pferdeschwanz reissverschluss idee

Zippered braid

hochsteckfrisur mit flechtzopf romantisch idee damen hochzeit bruenett

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