Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Make a pretty braided hairstyle with Dutt at home


Dolce & Gabbana were inspired by ancient Sicily for their spring 2014 show and created a braid with Dutt . The finished hairstyle was also decorated with a crown of flowers and Roman coins.

A pretty braided hairstyle with bun


The hairstyle is almost the epitome of Rome. And because she is so beautiful, hair stylist Nichole Kreps explains how to easily imitate this look at home. So put your curling iron and several hair clamps ready and go!

For the braiding with Dutt, start by washing and drying your hair


Curl individual strands with a curling iron. Wrap each strand around the bar and hold it tight for a few seconds. Carefully remove the lock from the rod.

The curls


When you’re done curling, gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.

Braid with Dutt – Add hair spray to give the hair texture and support


Add more curls to the front around the face.

The half-open hairstyle


Take one strand from each side and tie them loosely together to get a half-open hairstyle.

The aids


Use a hair clip to catch some hair in one direction and turn the clamp in the opposite direction to keep it fixed. Add several hair clips if necessary.

Divide the hair into three equal parts and start weaving them


When finished, use your fingers to the Flechtzopf loosen up a bit and then wrap it in a bun.

Braiding with Dutt – Take hair clips and fasten the bun well


Now it’s the flower garland’s turn. Stick it on one side and under the bun with a hair clip. Run it over your head to the other side like a hair band. Attach the garland on this page as well. Then wrap it around the bun itself.

The flower garland


Then lay the garland again along the head. Fix them with hair clips and cut off the superfluous part.

Use your fingers to pull and loosen the hair in different places.

This is your romantic, pretty braiding done with Dutt






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