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Hairstyles For Women

Make a mesmerizing neon eye makeup yourself

Neon Augen Make-up lidschatten-grün-blau-künstliche-wimpern

For special occasions such as banquets, cocktail evenings, birthdays, holidays and other events, the make-up is of course an important part of completing the outfit. If you’re a fan of neon colors, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this neon eye make-up and try it right away.

Do a stunning neon eye makeup yourself


To make the neon eye make-up yourself, start by applying a gray line of eye shadow in the eyelid crease with a brush. Then apply a gray and white eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Add a shimmering eye shadow in a coral pink to the middle area of ​​the eyelid. Next is a neon orange and then a neon pink, which is applied to the outer corner of the eye. Under the lower lash line, apply a shimmering eye shadow in a delicate purple. Finally, add a black eyeliner to the lower eyelid and a black eyeliner to the upper eyeliner , as well as black mascara to give the look even more expression.

Is not this styling idea just breathtaking?

Glamorous eyeshadow in bright green


Combine contrasting colors to make the make-up of the eye area even more striking and extravagant. This example shows a combination of neon green and purple, which fits perfectly with the brown eyes and will attract everyone’s attention, no matter what the occasion.


You can also make a rainbow out of neon colors. Begin with the upper eyelid and a yellow color, which you then gradually turn into orange, then pink and finally purple. Make the rainbow at the lower lid first with blue and then with green, until you have arrived at the yellow color. Extremely original, right? How to imitate this make-up idea, you will learn in the following video.


Ombre idea in neon yellow, orange and pink


Eyeliner in neon orange


Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

Enchanting color play


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