Luxury watches from men of the celebrity world – Top 5 brand watches of the stars

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In figurative sense or not, ‘time is money’ and the motto obeys men worldwide when indulging in a new brand watch. Since they wear rather less jewelry, in the sense of rings, bracelets and chains, in contrast to women, they invest in one or in some wristwatches . More than just a timepiece they replace jewelry and are considered status symbol, even serve as a financial investment. The real treasures are worn by prominent contemporaries, and watch enthusiasts are given a glimpse into their lives in order to report on men’s luxury watches from politics, sports or show business.

Luxury watches of men from the celebrity world

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Apart from the milk chocolate and the established banks, a country is also distinguished by its high-quality movements – Switzerland, and when it comes to luxury watches from men, who attach great importance to quality and brand, they must be none other than Swiss. While contemporary politicians and capital of the world discreetly and discreetly show prestige through jewelery, Hollywood stars like to show off their most valuable purchases. Among them are five top brands Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Chopard and Omega – the last one has received the Gold Medal for Technique award at the Golden Balance , awards. Current models of it are plentiful on and which of them carry the stars, you will learn in the following.

Rolex luxury watches from men in public life – Martin Luther King

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Perhaps the world’s most famous brand of luxury watches for men is undoubtedly Rolex. The inconspicuous model Datejust is considered a vintage version with timeless charm. The typical bracelet, paired with the extraordinary dark graphite dial with rippled bezel, discreetly adorn the wrists of famous personalities from world history, such as Winston Churchill, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King. The last is considered the biggest idol in Rolex history.

Men’s luxury watches from the art scene – Pablo Picasso

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Hardly a man did not dream of a Rolex wristwatch. The highest-selling manufacturer has already listed only 125 men’s models that have shaped a very similar shape for decades. The restrained model policy attaches much importance to the identity of a clock and many of them have become the right icons. Since 1953, the brand has been producing aviator watches for pilots following the tender of Pan Am and has launched Rolex GMT with a second time zone. Such a model also possessed the artist Pablo Picasso, who is known for his strong personality and contradictory preferences.

Hollywood luxury watches – the Rolex collection by Orlando Bloom


There are a number of celebrities and famous celebrities in the public who are among the Rolex fans – Fidel Castro Cuba Revolutionary, Konrad Adenauer, Ludwig Erhard, Richard Nixon. Marilyn Monroe even gave Kennedy a Rolex including a personal engraving. Elvis Presley had a special edition of 18K gold made model King Midas. In the past, official brand ambassadors were stars of the music and cinema scene, such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise. Since 2006, acts as a brand face of the Canadian singer and Grammy award winner Michael Bublé. The exclusive brand also appreciates watch lovers, such as singer Adam Levine and Usher, whose favorite model is Rolex Daytona. With a magnificent vintage collection of the watch manufacturer actor Orlando Bloom has also become known. Among them is a special piece Rolex Milgauss 6543 and a similar model was recently auctioned at Christies for 160,000 euros.

Men’s luxury watches from the movie scene – Steve McQueen and TAG Heuer, Monaco Caliber ‘


In sports watches, features such as robustness and sustainable design are essential for active lifestyle personalities who are constantly on the move and on the move. Exactly athletes present these models in front of the public, are regarded as role models and guarantee their authority for the high quality of the brand. One of the major sponsors of sporting events, such as Formula 1 and tennis Grand Slam tournaments, is Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer. Golf legend Tiger Woods has worked with the label for many years. The icon in racing, but also in the cinema from the 1970s Steve McQueen helped the model Monaco Caliber 12 by TAG Heuer in the strip, Le Mans’ cult status, which today costs around 3700 euros. Other actor passionate about racing, Patrick Dempsey is one of the brand’s other brand faces.

The favorite luxury watches of men from the celebrity world


For big movie stars, Tag Heuer can be seen in front of the camera or privately. In addition to Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo di Caprio is a real lover of the clockworks, although he switched to the Breitling Avenger for the movie ‘Blood Diamond’. Even US President Barack Obama wears TAG Heuer, 1500 Series, which is priced at a good 250 euros. His wristwatch, however, is unique with the Secret Service logo, which he received as a birthday present.

Luxury watches from men with passion aviation – Breitling


Breitling is a Swiss watch brand with a long history closely linked to aviation. From 1952 until today, when pilots relied on precise mechanical timepieces, Breitling supplied the British Air Force equipment. The luxury technical watches for men are considered the first chronographs. All models are now also certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Control (COSC).

The favorite brands of luxury sports men’s watches – David Beckham


For decades John Travolta, who also flies passionately himself, presents the Swiss chronographs. As his favorite model is Chronomat 44 (from 5700 Euro) – an automatic chronograph for pilots. Other celebrities, such as David Beckham, who do not have a pilot’s license, also promote the luxury watches.

Luxury watches from men at the Oscars – the treasures of Chopard


Chopard is a traditional company from Geneva, Switzerland, which is now successfully managed by the German Scheufele family from Swabia. It is well known for its jewelery art, whose sparkling jewels for women and elegant luxury watches for men are also used by celebrities and celebrities at special events. Each year, the coveted Oscars are selected by actors such as Bradley Cooper, Javier Bardem, Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz, Judy Delpy and others.

Luxury Men’s Watches Off the Stage – Matthew McConaughey


Some pieces of jewelry have even become true lucky charms. In 2014, both Cate Blanchett, Best Actress, and Matthew McConaughey, the Best Actor, both wore at the Chopard Awards.

Men’s luxury watches from the film industry are considered lucky charms


The luxury watches delight as classic models with elaborate additional mechanical function, as well as the legendary Mille Miglia watch after one of the most successful racers in the world – Jacques Bernard called “Jacky” Ickx, who has proven numerous successes in Formula 2 and 1. Another noteworthy collection of the women’s jewelery brand is Happy-Diamonds – with free-moving diamonds and Happy Sport line, which impress with attention to detail and timeless design.

Top 5 luxury watches by men from the world of celebrities – Omega


Last but not least is the Swiss watch manufacturer Omega, whose trademark, the Greek symbol Omega, is a symbol of perfection and this is the motto of the perfect timepiece. Among the brand faces is the Hollywood actor and spongy George Clooney, who is currently presenting the ‘Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition’ at the Baselword 2015 exhibition for the first time (starting at around 12,000 euros).

Omega luxury watches from men like James Bond


Omega is also the first choice of James Bond and privately by its performers such as Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. Recently, the actor awarded the Oscar Prize Eddie Redmayne also brand ambassador and at the beginning of the year presented the model Globemaster (from 6200 euros) at the Golden Globes. Other celebrities like to wear an omega on the wrist in public and among all many active and former Formula 1 drivers – Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Niki Lauda. Michael Schumacher himself wore a Speedmaster model in the nineties.

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