Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Just make a big bun with braid yourself

dutt mit flechtzopf locken hochsteckfrisur idee blond

This pretty hairdo made from a braided braid can make you messy for a laid-back day or more formal for an official occasion. The hairstyle is just as good for a party as it will last the whole evening.

Dutt with braid – Idea with loose braid

dutt mit flechtzopf breit locker messy frisur elegant

The hairstyle from a bun with braid , which we would like to present to you in this article, can be changed and redesigned in various ways. So you can add two braids, instead of a strict make a casual Duttfrisur or braiding him just as before.

Dutt with braid – hair wrap

dutt mit flechtzopf laessig look alltag damen lidstrich

We would like to offer you a tutorial for the chopped dough that will serve as a basis. Once you have learned this, you can try any variations and make the hairstyle so interesting and diverse.

Form braids into a dutt

dutt mit flechtzopf seite frisur idee franzoesisch

Start by forming a deep side vertex and brush your hair to get rid of any knots.

Side braid with ponytail

dutt mit flechtzopf frisur variante sarah michelle gellar

For short hair, you can mimic a chubby hairstyle with a ponytail updo. You can then just as well add the braided side braid. Especially nice is the idea if you lure the hair in advance or after braiding the braid a bit. This looks more playful and the ponytail becomes voluminous.

So this pretty hairstyle is made

klassischer dutt strenger flechtzopf alltag party ball

Whether you make the Dutt casual or elegant, you decide depending on your mood and of course on the occasion itself. And although this side braid looks a bit complicated, it is made easier than you think. How exactly, you can look in the following instructions.

Braid the lateral braid

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen flechten haare elegant

1. Take part of the hair at the crown and divide it into three strands. This will set the beginning of the braid.

2. Put the right strand under the middle one, then the left under the just right one and in this way form the braid. Each time you cross the middle strand, add some hair.

3. Continue braiding and always add hair on the right side only. So if you cross the strand from the left side, you do not need to take in any new hair. Make sure the braid runs along your ear. When you’re past the ear, stop adding new hair. Continue to braid normally until you reach the end of the hair and tie the braid together with a transparent hair tie.

4. Loosen the braid. To get such a big, dramatic braid, you have to pull the sides to keep it going.

Wrap the braid

dutt mit flechtzopf frisuren damen modern diy

5. Bring the remaining hair to a side ponytail next to the braid.

6. Use a Dutt Cushion to make a large side-bun.

7. You can also tuft the ponytail before wrapping it around the pillow and pinning it to make it thicker.

8. Finally, wrap the braid around the bun and attach it with hair clips. Use a little hairspray to fix everything and the hairstyle is ready from a bun with braid .

Note: If you have a pony, you can either work it into the braid or leave it loose. If you leave it outside and later change your mind, you can still hide it with hair clips under the braid.

damenfrisur selbermachen alltag zopf geflochten dutt

You can either hide the pony with clips or let it hang loose

The manual for the braid-bun is a bit long at first glance, but you will see that the hairstyle is not so hard to copy. If you have trouble picking up new hair while braiding, you can braid a standard braid instead.

We hope you enjoy trying it out and would be pleased if you show us your finished hairstyle from a bun with braid . The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and all others will be posted on our Facebook page.

frisur lässig abiball lange haare zusammenbinden

You can also make a casual bun

That the hairstyle idea looks great even with a casual bun, proves the variant above. You can also decide in which direction the braid should go. It can be fixed along the ear and in the lower part of the back part of the hair, or it can run straight from the pony area to the back of the head.

dutt-mit flechtzopf-zwei besonderer anlass probieren

… or you combine two braids together

Or how about simply combining several braids together? Just make them a little thinner for this purpose. Choose between two, three or four pigtails and create an interesting accent in your hair that you can even enhance with hair accessories. Instead of the third strand of hair for the braid, a colored band may also be used.

einfach styling selbstgemacht hochsteckfrisur damen angesagt

Another interesting variant

doppelter-flechtzopf lässiger-dutt fischgrätenzopf damen

The hairstyle is also very suitable for the prom

doppelter-flechtzopf lässiger-dutt fischgrätenzopf damen

jessica alba frisur roter teppich nachmachen diy

Jessica Alba with a variant of updo

frisuren stars prominente diy toller look

attraktive damen hochsteckfrisur flechten-dutt herzogin

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