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Jewelery Trends 2015 – Wear two different earrings

schmucktrends 2015 nina-ricci-fruehjahr-sommer

You have discovered again that you have lost an earring? But what should you do with single earrings now? Wear two different earrings? It might be funny, but last week it turned out to be fashionable and trend-setting. Yes, you got it right. The spring 2015 jewelry trends promise that we can wear two different earrings – in shape, length, color, style and size. The idea was presented by Nina Ricci’s fashion house during Paris Fashion Week and it seems to be a hit for the next hot season. That leaves a lot of space for creativity and experimentation.

Jewelry Trends 2015 proposed by Nina Ricci

schmucktrends 2015 nina-ricci-unterschiedliche-ohrringe-tragen

You can combine individual earrings of his two favorite pairs and Voila !. To keep it from becoming too colorful, however, you can stick to a common feature such as color or material. Check out Nina Ricci’s fashion show models during Fashion Week in Paris and see for yourself that this trend can not look so bad (September 23 – October 1, 2014).

interesting jewelry trends 2015 for spring-summer


very different in color and design

schmucktrends 2015 nina-ricci-model-laufsteg-pariser-modewoche

in one ear so, on the other very different


combine different shapes

schmucktrends 2015 nina-ricci-mode-kollektion

a design in different sizes




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