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It’s so easy to make beautiful ombre nails yourself

Ombre Nägel selber gestalten rosa-mintgruen-kombination

Ombre is the name given to the effect of merging two colors. Currently, this effect is extremely modern, be it in manicure or hair styling. It does not matter which colors are chosen. It depends on the personal taste as well as the style of the outfit. The great thing about this nail design is that while it looks complicated, it can actually be done at home. Believe it or not, you do not have to go for manicures for Ombre nails !

The first variant for the ombre nails


And materials, products, as well as artificial skills are not much demanded for the ombre nails . All you need is a little imagination and, of course, a certain will. The basic products you ‘ll need for the Ombre nails are two nail polish colors of your choice, a sponge for nail polish application and a toothpick. By and large, you have the choice between two techniques to make the nails in the Ombre effect.


As before every painting of the nails , you should prepare them well for the Ombre nails as well. This includes a thorough cleaning so that the paint will last longer. Cuticles should not be cut off in this case, but pushed backwards. Now choose the color nail polish that you would like to have on the top half of the nail. Coat it with the whole nail and let the paint dry well. Next is the second color’s turn. These are applied to the lower half of the nail.


Also take the sponge by the hand, because with it you distribute the second color a little upwards, so that the overflowing effect arises. Here you can decide for yourself on which length the transition should extend. Again, you have to wait until the paint has dried. To fix the two coats of lacquer well and thus keep the design longer, apply two coats of topcoat afterwards.

The second variant for applying nail polish:


Of course, in this variant for shaping ombre nails , you must also prepare the nails well by cleaning them and removing cuticles. Then choose the nail polish that will serve as the base color and varnish the whole nail. While you wait for it to dry, you can spread a little of both colors nail polish on a smooth and even surface. But make sure that the two colors are as close as possible to each other. Now the toothpick is needed, with which you can overflow the two colors into each other. Just stir them, so to speak, in the middle (where they are contiguous) together. In this mix put the sponge and with dabbing movements apply the paint, which is located on the sponge, on the nail. It will most likely be more or less nail polish on the skin. But you can easily remove this later with an ear-stick that you dip in nail polish remover. Finally, as with the first variant for designing ombre nails , add two layers of topcoat. After all, you want to enjoy your artwork as long as possible, do not you?


The great ombré effect on your fingernails can also be achieved without a sponge. If you would like to wear some more shine on your fingernails and have an elegant manicure, maybe the Glitter-Ombré-Nails are a great idea. After you have cleaned and shaped your fingernails, apply a layer of clear base coat. This will prevent your nails from discoloring due to the colored nail polish. If the base coat is already dry, you can apply the base color. So that the nail polish lasts longer, it is recommended instead of applying a thick, two thin layers.


Now you can apply a layer of glitter nail polish. On the brush should be as little glitter on the first layer. Therefore, paint the brush on the edge of the bottle and paint the entire fingernail. The nail tip can have a lot of glitter, while the lower part of the nail bed should be covered with as few glitter as possible. Let this layer of glitter nail polish dry and then apply the second layer with glitter. Now there may be some more glitter on the brush. Also keep in mind that there are more glitter particles sticking to the nail tip for the desired ombré effect. To seal your nails, apply a colorless topcoat.


The variant, where the lower part of the nails is covered with glitter and brighter towards the tip, also looks great. Just try what you like best. You can not go wrong with the Ombré Nails, as the color transition in all its forms looks very attractive.

Apply to the sponge the paint


Ombre nails are incredibly diverse. The design possibilities that your hands can decorate are almost endless. So Ombré nail designs can not only come from two colors, but from any number of them. Select several colored paints, apply stripes to the sponge and transfer the nail polish to the nails. Ombré Manicure can spice up simple outfits and add great, colorful accents.

Dab paint on the nail


If you want to reach a wild Ombré-Farmbmix, you can dab the sponge with different nail polishes and stamp your nostrils. Do not make any exact stripes, but apply nail polish drops freely over the sponge. In this way, great color gradients emerge, from which it is difficult to separate the view. The colors for your ombre manicure can of course be combined according to your own taste. Whether you choose shades of a color palette or apply contrasting colors side by side is, of course, completely up to you.

Protect with a transparent lacquer layer


You can achieve a real eye-catcher by applying the individual colored nail polishes not horizontally, but vertically. This version of the ombre nails is particularly suitable for short fingernails, because the vertical stripes make the nails look longer and thus more elegant. Incidentally, you can also combine ombre nails with other nail designs and design them as accent nails. The ombre effect can be used on all fingers or even on a single nail. It does not have to be the whole nail designed in Ombré look. If you like nude tones, a single Ombré-look stripe may be an accent on the neutral base coat.


If you prefer to wear an eye-catching Ombré manicure, you can also spice up your fingernails with glitter stones or pictures. If you are dreaming of a cheerful and as colorful as possible nail design, you can use the already described principle to design a rainbow nail design that will bring a lot of color into your outfit. The soft, summery colors are in a good mood and look absolutely fresh. Try the varied designs for Ombre nails and enchant with a beautiful, well-kept and modern manicure.






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