Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Impressive eye make-up for the party in attractive colors

Augen Make-up party smokey-eyes-blaue-augen

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and the make-up is always beautiful to emphasize. The expressive look, underlined by matching colors and make-up technique, draws attention to the eyes and gives a truly dramatic effect. An effective make-up can be time-consuming and can not be done on the first try, but it’s worth taking a little extra time to prepare for special occasions. If you visit parties often and are looking for different eye make-up ideas, this article will help you. Let the selected instructions and ideas for fashionable make-up suit your skin type and eye color.

Eye make-up with blue and silver eyeshadow


To choose the right make-up, you should consider some:

  • Reason – would a dramatic make-up look appropriate?
  • Outfit – make-up colors and styling should be adapted to the clothing
  • Skin type and eye color – underline your beauty properly

Eye makeup for blue eyes – cool colors and black eyeliner


1. The first example consists of gray and silver eyeshadow and fits many different lipsticks and dresses. Simply apply gray eyeshadow to the top of the eyelid. Then add a shimmering eye shadow in silver and finish with an eyeliner and mascara.

The eyes are additionally emphasized by eyelid lines


The eyes look very expressive without too much make-up


2. If you’re looking for dramatic make-up , you’ll love this stunning example of purple, pink, blue and gray.

lidschatten blau grau rosa extravagant bunt

The color combination is suitable for every eye color

3. If you prefer a natural look that is stylish and not too simple, then choose it. You get this look through a mix of brown and a golden shimmer, as well as a tapered eyeliner in black and mascara.

gold schminke lid schatten dekoration schritt 1

First apply the golden, then the brown eyeshadow

betonen augen-iris farben gold schritt 2

The color combination is both neutral and striking

lidschatten gold braun bronze neutral glitzer

The ready painted eyes

4. Would you like to try out Lila for your next party night? If so, then choose this wonderful make-up of smoky eyes in purple and a silver-white eyeshadow.

pink lila augen-make-up design ideen

Make smokey-eye style

lila makeup rosa anleitung schritt 2

schritt 3 rosa schminke hell schminkideen

Instructions and make-up tips for a party look

lidstrich make-up-augen lidschatten pink lila

5. If you are planning to wear a black or cobalt blue dress for the party then this eye make-up is perfect for that. For this white and blue eyeshadow with eyeliner and mascara is used.

blauer lidschatten hellblau schminken schritt 1

 dunkelblau party attraktiv braune-augen schritt 2

augen-make-up-blaue nuancen effektvolle idee

rot weiß lidstrich eyeliner kajal originelle schminkidee

bunt gelb orange party schminke pfau

silber graue-augen lidfalte augenbraue schritt 1

make-up-dunkel hell silber schritt 2

schminke oberes lid hervorheben nuancen attraktiv

augen-make-up-betonen mascara wimpern künstliche

Instructions and make-up tips for a party look

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