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Ideas and instructions for a glamorous nail design with gold foil

red nails and accents with gold foil

Have you tried using Nail Foil for your manicure? If not, you miss all the fun! And if so, then you know how fast and easy it is to conjure up elegant nail designs. One of the main advantages of nail art gold foil is that it looks amazing on the nails and adds a glamorous touch to any look . Whether you prefer a full-face manicure or a subtle nail design that uses gold foil only as an accent, your nails will not go unnoticed. The gold foil offers endless design possibilities!

red nails square gold foil accent elegant

Gold foil is available in many variants. For nail art, both the loose gold leaves for art and decoration , as well as the gold foil flakes in jars are suitable. But there are also special transfer nail foils, which are bought as a role and cut to size. For this you need to get a glue for nail foil. When it is dry, it has a sticky surface where the film sticks to it. Thus, you can also create beautiful patterns.

Apply gold foil on very thin pieces of paper

This nail art foil does not fade! It is very easy to use and does not require a special topcoat. You can use any topcoat you like – gel, shellac or the traditional topcoat nail polish. Due to their low material thickness, the film can be easily incorporated.

Gold foil flakes different colors

The gold foil is very thin and you do not feel it on the nails. Another big plus: Nail foil is very easy to use, if you know how to do it. Simply apply the foil to a sticky surface, seal with a topcoat and you’re done!

Here are some simple instructions. The looks can be copied easily at home and vary at will.

Make half moon manicure with gold foil yourself

almond-shaped nails Mauve gold foil accent

The half-moon manicure also causes a sensation and fascinates with its versatility. In contrast to the classic French nails , the accent is not placed on the nail tip, but on the lower half of the nails. This look is based on a strong contrast between the two colors.

Nail art in old and black with gold foil lunar manicure

This nail design looks fantastic in black and gold. For more support and care, first coat the nails with a transparent base coat. Then use a thin brush to apply some nail foil glue in the back of the nail. Press the gold foil on it and pull it off again. Brush the lower half of the nail with the black paint. Allow the nail polish to dry well and seal with a top coat.

Gold and rose

pink stiletto nails gold foil accents small finger glitter

Incidentally, gold and rosé are a particularly popular combination for an elegant nail design. The soft pink full-cover nails will be given a glamorous touch with gold foil. The small finger painted with gold glitter picks up the color again and effectively complements the overall picture.

Make gel nails with gold foil yourself

Nail art almond-shaped nails black and gold

Try this noble black and gold manicure inspired by the Queen Bee itself! In the manual the products of Gelish MINI have been used.

1. Prepare the nails for the modeling.

2. Stick some tape on the nails to form a V-shape.

Stick adhesive tape on nails in V-shape

3. Using a point tool, gently apply gold flakes in the V shape until completely covered. Carefully peel off the tape.

Apply gold foil flakes

4. Apply the black gel nail polish. Let the paint cure in the UV nail lamp for 45 seconds. Repeat the process for complete coverage.

Nail art design with gold foil and black gold tape

5. Apply a thin layer of sealing gel to the entire nail, being careful not to close the nail tips as well. Let the gel dry in the UV lamp for 45 seconds. After curing, remove the sticky sweat layer with a cleaner and cleaning cloth from the nail. And done!

black gel nails nude ring finger gold foil glitter

Spice up nails in marble look with gold foil

gray nails in marble look golden accents

Nails in gemstone look are currently totally in vogue. Marble nails, for example, can be spiced up wonderfully with gold foil. But add only subtle accents that emphasize the marble look and do not distract from it.

Marble nail art pink gold foil flakes accents

If you use gold foil flakies, make sure all doors and windows are closed. The smallest breeze lets the stuff go everywhere! Take the tweezers and carefully pull out small pieces of foil from the jar and press them randomly on the sticky surface. If you are using conventional nail polish, you will need to apply a very thin layer of primer and stick the film on it while it is not completely dry.

Nails in watercolor look

Summer nails in white and pastel nail jewelry

Delicate pastel shades not only look beautiful in spring, but are also perfect for light and fresh summer combinations.

That is how it goes:

1. Apply 3 coats of white nail polish on all nails and apply 1 coat of a quick-drying topcoat. Let everything dry for 15-20 minutes.

2. Edit one nail after another. Make three dots in the middle of the nail each from light pink, orange and cream nail polish.

3. Dip a flat, wide nail art brush in acetone and place one drop over each of the dots. Dab gently with a brush to allow the acetone to spread well and blur the colors. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all nails.

Nail art design White summer watercolor look gold foil

4. Use a pair of tweezers to pick up a few small pieces of gold flake foil and place them on each nail. If desired, you can spice up the design with nail jewelry.

5. Then seal your nail design with 2 coats of clear lacquer.

Tip: Step 1 is very important. If you do not let your nails dry after applying the primer, the acetone will not produce the desired watercolor effect.

Brush strokes with the Dry Brush method

Gold foil flakes jar summer nail design Colorful

Here’s another abstract nail design with gold flakes, which is perfect for the summer. This simple design is conjured up with the dry-brush method. As the name suggests, this nail art technique is that the brush of the nail polish should be almost dry.

White, pink and light blue combine perfectly with gold and look nice and fresh. This look simply radiates a happy mood! Of course you could also use other color combinations for it.

Gold Foil Nail Art Pastel Pink Blue Pink

In this nail design, the gold foil is used more subtly, but emphasizes every detail. Plus, the golden accents paired with the golden nail jewelry create a chic yet sophisticated look.

white nails square GOldfolie accent

Nail Art Design for Short Nails Nude Brushstrokes White Orange Gold Foil Accents

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