Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

How to Make Ponytail Hairstyles More Interesting!


If you want a modern haircut that is suitable for the office, the beach, the theater or an official party, all you have to do is tie your hair together into a loose ponytail. To make it more effective and original, try one of the following ideas for ponytail hairstyles , and you’ll be amazed how everyone will turn after you.

The ponytail with a difference


Interesting hairstyles with ponytails are those from a Halbdutt. Stick the hair to a loose halfdutter. Although it looks unstable, but is well fixed with hair clips.

– Even if it does not seem like that, a bit more effort is needed for the disheveled ponytail. As an extra accent, braid three thin strands into a braid and wrap it around the hair tie.

– You can make the otherwise childlike side braid look more adult by adding mousse into the tips.

– There is also a solution for the ladies with thin hair or those with missing volume: Apply a little dry shampoo and gently ruffle your hair with your fingers for more volume.

– For elegant hairstyles with ponytails from full and thick hair for a more special occasion, all you have to do is apply a special gel.

– The Art Director of Wella Professionals recommends wearing the short, low ponytail with a side vertex in the warm months.

– By pulling the hair out of the hair tie, it can be damaged. Instead, carefully wind the hair out of the hair tie.

Frisuren mit Pferdeschwanz Original hairstyles with ponytail



Ponytail slightly disheveled


Ponytail with side vertex wear


A well-groomed long hairstyle


Decorate ponytail with a golden hair accessory










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