Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

How to make a casual braid yourself


Star hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello from the Mizu Salon in New York explains how to make this pretty, casual, elegant braid yourself .

Make the braid yourself – a chic solution for the hot days


Only six easy steps are necessary. Read the instructions below and try out the hairstyle yourself afterwards.

Make a braid yourself – Instructions:

<img” data-count=”3/10″ data-image_id=”33885″ class=”lazy wp-image-33885 aligncenter wp-image-33885 size-full” title=”French Braid – Instructions Blonde Hair” data-original=”ösisch-topf-selber-anleitung-haare.jpg” src=”” alt=”französisch-topf-selber-anleitung-haare” width=”640″ height=”733″>

  1. Give your hair strands a little structure.
    Apply a little bit of Osis Dust It to the hair roots on your whole head and then massage your head with your fingers to evenly distribute the product.
  2. Make a braid yourselfSplit your hair and start with the braid.
    Divide the hair so that a disordered, deep side apex arises. From the side of the head, which now has less hair, take the part of the hair that starts at the front and runs along the hairline and behind the ear. Divide this part into three equal strands directly behind the ear and begin to braid. The technique here is like a very ordinary braid, except that before each crossing of the strands you take a small new strand of loose hair.
  3. Braid your neck along the other side.
    While braiding your hair, angle the braid so that it runs along the hairline at the bottom of the neck and toward the side where more hair was present.
  4. Make a braid yourself – Wrap a thin strand around the end of the braid.
    When you arrive at the end of the braid, tie it tight with a hair tie. Then take a thin strand the size of your little finger and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it.
  5. Attach the wrapped part.
    Attach the strand that you have wrapped around the hair tie with a hair clip that you stick up so that it disappears into the braid and is no longer visible.
  6. Make a braid yourself – Finish the hairstyle with some texture.
    , um einen zerzausten Look zu erhalten. Spray the braid and the rest of the hair with a texture spray , such as the Oribe Dry Texturing Hair Spray to get a disheveled look. Then sprinkle some Grip Powder on your hands and rub the palms up and down the plait to give the braid an extra texture.

The hairstyle starts from the forehead


Miley Cyrus and her braid


Kim Kardashian also loves the braided hairstyle


The guide to the simple braiding hairstyle

<img” data-count=”7/10″ data-image_id=”33886″ class=”lazy wp-image-33886 aligncenter wp-image-33886 size-full” title=”All necessary steps to design the hairstyle” data-original=”ösisch-zopf-selber-machen-blonde.jpg” src=”” alt=”französisch-zopf-selber-machen-blonde” width=”640″ height=”2325″>

The herringbone


A combination with Bohemian hairstyle

<img” data-count=”9/10″ data-image_id=”33883″ class=”lazy wp-image-33883 aligncenter wp-image-33883 size-full” title=”The braid framed the head diagonally” data-original=”” src=”” alt=”blond-zopf-seite-anleitung-selber-machen” width=”640″ height=”960″>

Casual hairstyle with French braid


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