How deep-set eyes make-up – 8 tips and examples of great make-up

deep-set eyes emphasize inner corner of eye

From almond-shaped eyes to round eyes to narrow eyes – each eye shape has unique characteristics to consider when applying make-up. For deep-set eyes, for example, make-up looks like Smokey Eyes and Retro Eyeliner are rather inappropriate. With the right make-up you can easily compensate for the disadvantages of this eye shape and make the eyes look bigger. Below are some tips and tricks on how to put on deep-set eyes especially great.

Do you have deep-set eyes?

Schlupflider make-up deep-set eyes

If the eyes are deep in the caves, so that you do not see much of the moving eyelids with your eyes open, it’s called low-lying eyes. To find out if you have deep-set eyes or not, stand in front of a mirror and answer the following questions:

Is the moving lid clearly visible? Is it covered by the overlying skin? Do you also have a slight slip-up problem? If you answered “yes” to all questions, you might have deep-set eyes.

low-lying eyes make up tips eye shapes difference

Draw a line through the middle of the eyes. If the outer corner of your eye is on the same line (not higher or lower), then all the following tips will apply to you!

Make-up eyes so that they are deep-set

1. Before applying your eyeshadow, prepare your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. Women with deep-set eyes know too well how annoying it can be when their eyeshadow smears.

deep-set eyes make-up instructions Old Rose Gold Halo

2. It is best to apply eye makeup with your eyes open, as a large part of your eyelid disappears and it can be difficult to find the natural fold with your eyes closed.

make-up-eyed eyes larger Brown gold blue eyes

3. Apply the eyeshadow directly on the upper eyelid so that it is still clearly visible with the eyes open.

Deep eyes narrow matte purple blue eyes

4. It is best to use dull eyeshadows. All shimmering shades reflect the light and are not suitable for the upper eyelid. So if you want to distract attention from the loopholes, use glitter to accentuate the moving eyelid, the inner corner of the eye and the lower edge of the eye .

deep-set eyes make-up white kohl waterline blue eyes dull brown eyeshadow

5. A white kohl on the waterline opens the eye and makes the face look wiser. If possible, avoid the use of black kohl or choose colors such as anthracite, gray and brown.

deep-lying eyes make-up example green kohl

6. Invest in a water-resistant mascara with a lot of volume. Since your eyelashes often touch the brow bones, you should avoid smeared mascara in any case.

Eyeliner eyeliner draw deep-set eyes thin

7. Drawing the perfect eyeline is probably a big challenge for many low-eyed ladies. It is best to wear your eyeliner very thin.

Low-lying Eyes Idea Makeup Cut Crease Gold Eyeliner

8. You can also put on a “false eyelid” that is higher on your eyelid. Cut crease is the new eye make-up trend and is perfect for deep-set eyes!

Celebrities ladies deep-set eye makeup

Prominent ladies with deep-seated eyes include: Jennifer Lawrence, Hayden Penettiere, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, Renee Zellweger, Milla Jovovic, Malin Akerman and Blake Lively. Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired by her glamorous make-up looks!

Deep-set eyes make-up matt brown, of course

Gisele Bündchen, of course, make up slip-flop

Taylor Swift Blue Eyes Blue Kayal

colored kajal blue glitter white kajal waterline

turquoise kohl under eye rim bronze upper eyelid

Taylor Swift eye make-up slip rider

Jennifer Lawrence makeup deep-set eyes red lips

Smokey Eyes the lower edge of the eye emphasize long eyelashes

low-lying eyes Eyelier thin in the outer eye angle

low-lying eyeliner with swing thin red lips Karlie Kloss

Schlupflider make-up from 40 Nicole Kidman Silver

Schlupflider make-up from 40 Nicole Kidman gray

low-lying eyes brew bronze highlight in the inner corner of the eye

deep-set eyes green Emma Stone

Emma Stone's deep eyes dark eyeshadow in the outer corner of her eye

Schlupflider Make-up emerald green outside

Schlupflider Makeup Evening Eyeliner Gold

Slipperies make-up pink eyeliner thin

Schlupflider make-up pink gold

Schlupflider Eye Makeup Highlighter

Schlupflider Bronze eyeshadow blue eyes

deep-set eyes make-up in blue, of course

low-lying eyes make-up Milla Jovovich

low-lying eyes gold eyeliner

small deep-set eyes make-up matte eyeshadow taupe

Schlupflider Makeup Old pink accentuate the moving lid

Cut Crease Trend Perfectly deep-set eyes

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