How a bag upgrades every outfit: 7 trendy models for 2018

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Everyone knows the problem: they have nothing to wear and all your looks look boring. Usually a few simple tricks help to upgrade the outfits. So small accessories can have a big impact. With the help of jewelery you can set an eye-catcher. Particularly popular is the chain layering, where you wear different lengths of people with different trailers. In addition, you can put on statement pieces such as eye-catching earrings , a watch or hair ornaments. Of course, the handbag is not to forget. It is not for nothing that one of the favorite pieces of every woman. It completes every outfit perfectly and is an absolute eye-catcher. But which models and materials are totally in 2018? And how do you combine these designs in each case in order to enhance the outfit as much as possible?

The transparent handbag

transparent handbag acrylic accessories visible

In the coming season, not only transparent clothing is totally hip. The accessories also allow insights that are otherwise impossible. The transparent models are mostly made of plastic and therefore waterproof and easy to clean. Wiping with a damp cloth should be enough. But think carefully about what you pack in these handbags. Because not only the extravagant bag itself is an absolute eye-catcher. The content is visible to everyone. Therefore, you can also make a statement with this. These transparent designs combine best with a simple look and provide colored content for an eye-catcher.

Fringed Handbags Velor muted colors


This trend will also be evident in 2018 for both clothing and handbags. Fringes are a popular element that makes your outfit move. In addition, fringed bags are real all-rounders in terms of effect: depending on the design, they can look discreet or rocky. Such models can be found at Beyeler . Bags with fringes are especially suitable for simple outfits, as the decorative elements soften them. So you can meet the bags, for example, with a cardigan, Chucks and a culotte .

XXL handbag black business outfit everyday

XXL bags

If you like to take a lot or plan a shopping trip, you should grab the new XXL bags. Oversized bags are currently in high demand and have conquered catwalks in Paris, London, New York and Co. With these copies you are equipped for every occasion. The oversize bags have everything you need on the go. In addition to lipstick, purse, hand cream, umbrella, pens, block, etc. is in the huge models still plenty of storage space for further achievements of an extensive shopping marathon. The XXL bags are perfect for all occasions you want to take with you. But do not overdo it: a bag that is overcrowded not only does not look good, it’s also not healthy for your back. Due to its dimensions, the XXL bag will attract everyone’s attention anyway. Therefore, you should combine them with a simple everyday outfit. Such a big eye-catcher in the outfit is enough.

Mini handbag shoulder metal handle

Mini Bag

The small bags are perfect for those occasions when you do not need much and want to take with you. That’s why they’re perfect for parties. In the micro bag fits only what is really needed: money, smartphone, lipstick, keys and bank card. You usually do not need much more at parties. Versions like the Valentino convince by unusual design and are still very practical to leave. Simply combine the tiny It pieces with a flashy party outfit. The XXS pouches give your look the finishing touch. So you are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Mini Handbag Vintage Rosé Gray Outfit

Several bags

If the micro-bags do not offer you enough storage space and a handbag alone is not enough for you, then this trend is just right for you: Several bags are worn at the same time. This not only gives you more space to store your utensils. Wearing several models also looks great. It is advisable to combine a mini bag with a midi bag. The realization of this trend works with all models, shapes and handle types. The designs can have different colors. The important thing is that both variants are kept in the same style.

several pockets in each other Micro Midi Bags

The clutch becomes an all-rounder

Clutches are known for perfecting every party dress. However, in its latest collection, Mulberry shows that these handless pouches can also be worn in the office. These models are slightly larger than those designed for going out. In the business clutches fits, for example, in addition to a notebook and a folder. So you are perfectly equipped for the office and can combine them optimally to a business outfit. In addition, the versions are also in everyday life an absolute eye-catcher.

Clutch without handles Gold everyday spring outfit

Round models

That bags do not have to have corners and edges, show fashion designers like Chloé, Mulberry or Galliano. The circular models are totally in vogue. In addition, they are real all-rounder: you can wear the round designs not only to elegant and chic looks. Even with a hippie outfit, this accessory gives your look the finishing touch.

round handbags trend hippie flair

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