Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Herringbone Braid Instructions – DIY spiral braid braiding

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Hello dear ladies! We give you in this article a DIY herringbone braid instruction for a spiral braid that you   can easily copy. This type of braids are a big trend this season and perfect for fighting the summer heat. They can be worn in a variety of styles, including updos, as a side braid and in combination with a ponytail. The possibilities are endless.

Herringbone braid instructions – Lateral variant for the wedding

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The herringbone braid instruction will show you that the DIY plait is very easy to imitate and is often worn by the ladies, especially because it is an interesting variant of the ordinary braid of three strands and acts more upbeat. As a side braid he is very trendy and looks wonderful, whether you are sunbathing on the beach, cooling off in the pool or are on a barbecue. This type of braid looks great even with wet hair. Read through the instructions below to make yourself this interesting, side and spiral herringbone just by yourself.

Herringbone braid instructions to make yourself

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As you follow the DIY herringbone braid instructions below, you will be able to design a spiral braid yourself at the end. You should first make a deep vertex on the right side. Then put all the hair over your left shoulder. DIY Fischgrätenzopf . Divide the hair into three equal parts for each DIY herringbone braid . Take a small strand from one side, cross it up and add it to the opposite side. Now take a thin strand from the other side, put it back crosswise and add it to the opposite side. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the end of the braid.


Decorate your braid

Slightly loosen the braid by gently pulling on the sides.This will make the braid bigger.Tie the braid to the bottom with a hair tie.Now plait two more herringbone plaits with the rest of your hair, following steps 1 through 8 again.Once you’ve braided all the hair, twist it around yourself, making it a single, spiral-shaped one  DIY herringbone braid originates.Tie the three braids together with another hair tie.Remove all previous hair ties.Take your favorite hair clip and attach it to the top of the braid.This should be approximately at the level of the left ear.

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A styling tip

Before plaiting the DIY herringbone braid, create a few curls for a more feminine look. Rub some argan oil into the tips of the hair to hydrate dry strands.



Herringbone braid instructions





Look at the video tutorial for help
We hope you enjoy trying it out and would be pleased if you proudly wear your finished hairstyle from a DIY herringbone braid.


Ponytail, combined with herringbone braid

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Combine braids

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