Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Half-length skirts should not be missed – the midi trend

outfit alltag pinker rock schwarze bluse

This is another interesting trend for the summer season. The street style seems to have changed even further and that’s why this time we introduce you to midi rock. Its length reaches below the knee. Half-length skirts are among the most elegant and feminine garments, but you should be careful what you combine with them. For example, daintier ladies should wear this type of skirt with heeled shoes, as their cut makes the women who wear it look smaller.

Wear half length skirts with heel shoes

enganliegender rock schwarz weiß motive vögel

You can easily make the style from a crop top that’s up to date this year, so it’s fair to say that this season’s midi skirt is very modern and practical. Now look at other half-length skirts in the following gallery of photos with pretty outfits and be particularly modern this summer.

Half-length skirts can be combined with sporty tops

faltenrock rot jacke grau alltag lässig modern

rock lila hemd kariert weiße schuhe damen

A skirt in purple with a plaid shirt

rock motive blumen bunt blaues top

This skirt with palm trees brings on holiday feelings

rock locker rosa langärmliges shirt damen

Half-length skirts are also suitable for turtlenecks

röcke schwarz falten dreiviertel damen mode

A colorful, cropped top to the black skirt

röcke enganliegend grau bluse weiß büro outfit

The perfect office outfit

rock dunkel blau knielang damenmode fashion

An airy skirt in blue with a black and white striped T-shirt

rock dreiviertel transparent schwarz netz oberteil gestreift

An effective, half-length skirt with transparent fabric

midi halblangen röcke gelb knie mode

A yellow skirt with a white blouse

kariert rosa rock weiße bluse ärmellos

Checked, half-length skirts are just as modern

grün hell weiter rock kurze jacke leder

büro weißer rock kostüm rote schuhe elegant

blumen bunt bluse motive damenmode grüne handtasche

weißer rock blaues oberteil schuhe absatz

türkis rock luftig top sportlich absatz

schwarz weiß punkte weiter rock boots handtasche

schwarz weiß gestreift t shirt elegant

rock rosa knie blaues oberteil schulterfrei

rock pink oberteil schwarz damen mode

halblange röcke damen mode grün grell

halblange röcke dirndl weiß blau idee

halblange röcke modern falten sportlich elegant

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