Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Hairband Hairstyles – Ideas for a Festive & Everyday Hair Accessories

haarband frisuren braut glitzer retro idee weiss

Do you have a bad-haired day? But no more worries. Hairbands look great and keep the hair out of your face. Those who have discovered these all-rounders for themselves, enjoy a variety of styling Varienten. Hairband Hairstyles can look very different with different hairbands – from romantic to noble and festtagstauglich. We have an inspiring picture gallery here for you!

Hairband Hairstyles – A continuous trend

haarband frisuren rosa perlen elegant haare blond

There are hair trends that come and go quickly, and others that have survived past fashion epochs and present themselves more diverse today than ever before. One of these trends is called hair band. Whether made of velvet, leather, rhinestones or pearls – accessories such as hair bands and hair clips, which many still consider childlike, even decorate the heads of the stars on the red carpet.

Accessories in the hair – feminine and discreet

haarband frisuren flechtzoepfe perlen kette pony

This year sparkling hair bands in all colors and shapes are particularly hip – hair accessories with pearls and stones are graceful and glamorous. Even retro shawls, which can be combined with casual clothing such as jeans and blouse, are a trend that is coming back into fashion. A hair towel can perfectly absorb the pressure of your dress. So wear hair bands that make you feel good.

Glittering stones on a wide hair band

haarband frisuren glitzer hochsteckfrisur pony sidecut

Like a princess, every woman presents herself with a romantic, rhinestone or stone-studded hair band. For a festive occasion, the hair accessory can be combined with a chic dress.

Hairstyle with pearl necklace and flower

haarband frisuren blume stoff perlen mittelscheitel

Add a pretty flower to the hairstyle. Combine these with a pearl necklace instead of a ribbon and you’ll get a pretty and elegant accessory.


Undone styling with bun

Hairbands are very useful and practical for everyday life. Her wild mane can twirl you to a high bun and hold back the loose game with a colorful bandana.


Scrambled bun with a hair towel

A colorful bow makes the look extremely playful.


Hairstyling with hairband and braid


Festive hair accessories

A simple headband perfects the evening look.

Sommerfrisur-turban-haarband-verspielten Look-ponyfrisur

Turban hair band for a playful look


Hair wrapped band keeps your hair back


Thin hairband with star jewelry


The intense shade of blue harmonizes with light hair and eyes


Hairstyles with hairband and hair accessories

To a simple outfit fits a fine hair band in bright colors.


Great hairstyling for the summer


Bandana hairstyle for open hair


Hairband with flowers – a great eye-catcher


Hairband with pearl jewelery and modern


The chain strap perfects the look


Hairbands with pearls and glass stones become a hairstyle


Hairband with stones or glitter application


Casual bandana hairstyle for every day


Hairstyle ideas with a scarf


Taming hairpins with colorful hairtowel


Headband – elegant and simple


With a headband with flowers, your outfit looks particularly feminine and discreet


Festive hairband with a retro look


Elaborately decorated hair band



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