Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Green eyes make-up – color palette & trendy combination

grüne augen schminken originell design lidschatten rosa pink lidstrich

The color palette that you apply for the green eyes as a make-up are carefully selected. If you have green eyes, be proud because they are born with the rarest color of our human iris. To emphasize you even more and to turn it into an absolute eye-catcher, you should pay attention to a lot in this article. Green eye make-up plays an important role for you, because the eyes speak their own language of special expression.

Green eyes make-up depending on hair color and skin type

grüne augen schminken lidstrich schlicht styling orange lippenstift

The gates to our soul are the eyes! If you want to make-up green eyes , you will be guided by your own skin type and hair color. The natural, light-skinned brunettes can apply smokey eye and silver or gold eyeshadow. Emphasize the eye contours with a black eyeliner or kohl pencil and use purple, pink or green as eyeshadow palette. The ladies, who are more medium to darker skin type, should take brown pastel shades as eyeshadows and as lipstick or lip gloss in the hand. Blondes and dark brunettes can take on more intense colors.

Green eyes make-up – Smokey Eyes Make-up

grüne augen schminken smokey gruen lidschatten lippen orange

Depending on the occasion, you should apply an attractive lipstick, such as fuchsia color or violet, and make-up green eyes , but with careful choice of eyeshadow. Smokey Eyes trend still remains current, only the green-eyed ladies should prefer brown and anthracite tones rather than silver or orange accents. Emphasize the color of the eyebrows with a suitable eyebrow pencil, especially if you do not have an expressive look and want to highlight it. At the outermost corner of the eye you can use silver or gold accents.

Make-up in tender rose

grüne augen schminken rosa schlicht idee lipgloss glanz

Green eyes with simple make-up

grüne augen schminken mascara idee rose lidschatten ashley simpson

Make-up in purple nuances


The color palette for perfect make-up


Smokey eyes with golden effect


Maskara and darker eye shadow, no kohl pencil


Colorful eyes change the color of the iris, depending on the shade of the eye


Make-up example for green eyes





Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look








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