Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Great ideas for pony hairstyles that bring elegance

pony frisuren rote haare lang halboffen thornes

The pony hairstyles are a good choice for those who would like to visually look a few years younger or just want to make a difference. There are many different forms of pony and ways to wear it.

Great ideas for pony hairstyles for all ladies who want to change their look

pony frisuren lange haare breit augen wellen

We recommend that you do not do any independent experiments, but ask an expert, such as your hairdresser, for advice. He can also give you tips on how to shape the pony according to your face shape. Even the pretty ladies in show business love the pony hairstyles . Below we show you a few of them.

A pony hairstyle for all hair lengths

pony frisuren gerade glatt offen haare bruenett elegant styling

This interesting idea for pony hairstyles is not only suitable for shorter hair but also for long. The pony is slightly shaped to the side and boldly waved backwards. The hairstyle is even more attractive thanks to the accessories that Paris Hilton has chosen. The idea is suitable for parties, as well as for the office and everyday life.

A pony hairstyle with waves

pony frisuren seitlich wellen kurhaarfrisur milla jovovich

If you like casual waves, but you naturally have straight hair, it’s fine to twist them lightly with a few large curlers or a curling iron. In this way you get great waves and a well-formed, smooth pony.

Broad pony with side vertex

pony frisuren bob idee paris hilton seitenscheitel

If you are one of the ladies who wear their hair very short, the pony can be slightly thickened and worn aside. This hairstyle with bangs is a good example that even short hair can look very nice.

Chic with pony hairstyles – Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell has wonderful hair and also the hairstyle with pony stands her excellent. The deep and dense ponies are suitable for thick hair that is not curly or curly, as it is difficult to maintain the smooth shape of the pony in damp weather.

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton has always stood out with her look. The blonde beauty likes to change her hairstyles many times and add hair accessories, such as boho hair bands , hair clips, and more.

The pony hairstyles that are half high, half open


A combination with high-set hair


Pony charm by J Lo


Elegance and beauty – Jessica Biel







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