Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Gothic fashion: no trend, but aesthetically oriented attitude to life

Gothic fashion black mini dress satin

Starting as a kind of punk movement, nowadays gothic culture is much more than just a trend. The aesthetically oriented attitude to life has been created through the interaction of music, fashion and literature. Today, among other things, films that deal with themes of the dark and vulnerable aspects of the human soul shape the Gothic scene. Because of their way of thinking, the Goths are sometimes seen as a parallel society, recognizable by their characteristic self-staging . But reality is not that simple – rather, these are artistically gifted people who deal with existential questions in a creative way. It goes without saying that the focus is on Gothic fashion.

Gothic fashion: the basic principles

gothic fashion hat top agelellos top cropped

Gothic fashion is much more than just a style of clothing – it brings out the individuality of the outfit. Ghenhen can hardly be influenced by the fashion world – they do not care about the latest trends, they attach much more importance to their own style, which they preserve over the years. In fact, the fashion houses and the stars are more and more fascinated by the Gothic garments, as opposed to the other.

Gothic fashion black corset skirt blouse lace

The latest collections of Balmain, Ralph and Russo, Marc Jacobs and Valentino are heavily inspired by style and stars like actresses Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan and Dakota Fanning have already caused a sensation with matching looks. The infinite universe allows for certain fashion freedom, so that everyone can interpret the basic principles of subculture in their own outfit. Here are the most important at a glance:

gothic fashion red tights black blouse

  • Victorian Fashion: As a rule, past epochs such as the Victorian era always arouse interest. No wonder the cuts of the upper and lower parts are heavily influenced by it. That’s why corsets can be found in a gothic shop .
  • Gothic symbols decorate the clothing: lilies are considered a symbol of purity, bats as nocturnal animals stand for ignorance in life, snakes are considered in culture as a symbol of malice, the dragon is the symbol of chaos and destruction.
  • The gothic style should reflect the affiliation to the subculture, but at the same time the personality.

Gothic fashion – put the outfit together

gothic fashion black dresses backless lace

Although many people only wear black in everyday life, the color is not compulsory and can be combined with various red nuances. Sporty people, for example, can wear a jacket with D-rings or eyelets to simple jeans and a top with laces. Backless long-sleeve shirts along with a faux leather skirt make the perfect party outfit for her, a t-shirt with print and pants with lots of buckles and studs – for him. Corsage dresses are regarded as true classics in the Gothic scene – these can be worn with boots as well as with ankle boots. More and more men are opting for a men’s skirt, so they bring variety into the classic ensemble blouse and pants.

Gothic fashion lace top black women

As far as the materials are concerned, there is also a mix and match trend in the Gothic fashion world. Cotton, lace, leather, paint, denim are skilfully combined. No styling is complete without the matching accessories – the necklaces with feathers and gauntlets made of lace or satin look feminine, key chains spice up simple bottoms, leather belts with metal rings, chains or zippers give the gothic look something special, the bracelets with killer rivets are real statement pieces.

gothic fashion dresses long bow

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