Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Get rid of dark circles – tips and advice


Thanks to the many cosmetic products designed to tighten , hydrate and nourish the skin , most women manage to keep their skin young and fresh. But unfortunately the stressful everyday life often defies that and makes for dark circles , for which there is no magical product yet. Dark circles and patches that make you look tired and stressed all the time are hard to beat.

Get rid of dark circles very quickly


Although easy to cover with make-up or a proofreader, they are a sign that we should change certain habits or even let them get us out of the way as quickly as possible. Until then we have a few helpful household tips for you that will help you quickly and easily get rid of dark circles .

Get rid of dark circles – Tip 1. Sleep longer


In order to recharge with energy and rest well, the body needs 8 hours of sleep. If these are not guaranteed on a regular basis, dark circles appear. They are a sign of tiredness and lack of sleep. It may be that you are a night owl, but you should forget this habit if you want to get rid of dark circles . Change your sleep habits gradually. There are tricks to help you get to sleep earlier and get the necessary amount of sleep: do things that make you tired, like drinking a glass of warm milk with honey and cinnamon before bed, or doing sports to your own Body auszuschower. Your cell phone should also be kept away from the pillow. Also helpful is a dim light, and a lavender scent that you distribute in the bedroom. Just try it.


Get rid of dark circles with tea bags

This wondrous bag, which everyone has in the kitchen cabinet, absorbs the dark color and soothes the skin, reducing the puffiness around the eyes. So if you notice in the morning that you have swollen eyes, take two teabags, moisten them with cold water, and place them on your closed eyes to get rid of dark circles.


Get rid of dark circles with ice cubes

This trick also helps with swollen eyes. The cold reduces the swelling and improves blood circulation in this area.


pineapple chunks

Another variation that lets you get rid of the dark circles are pineapple slices. The delicious fruit is, as you know, good for the figure, but also a remedy for the skin. All you have to do is put the pineapple rings on your eyes for about 5 minutes and you will be amazed at the impressive effect they have.


Green cucumber also helps against dark circles


Green tea and its magical effect



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