Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Flower braid as a popular braiding hair trend: How to braid a flower braid!

lateral flower braid as braiding hairstyle trend

Are you looking for ideas on how to beautify your hair with a simple hairstyle , then you are looking for us. This post is a kind of hair jewelry that you conjure up in your hair. A flower made of braid is braided and positioned arbitrarily. The so-called Flower Braid is a popular wickerwork trend that conquers the hearts of all ages. Whether on the side, at the back of the head or on the neck – the “flower braid” sets a playful accent to every hairstyling.

This is the braid hairstyle trend Flower Braid!

long hair style summer flower braid sideways

The Flower Braid is a braided hairstyle that at first glance seems complicated, but actually quick and easy to style. It is especially suitable for women with medium to long hair and fits perfectly on festive occasions . A flower in the hair always looks elegant and adds a romantic accent to the overall look. How to weave a simple Flower Braid yourself is shown below.

Instructions for Flower Braid

fast flower braid braiding guide pigtail

Now, in 3 simple steps, we show you how to braid a beautiful flower out of plait. That is how it goes:

1. Divide the hairline above the ears and tie it to a small ponytail at the back of the head. Leave the rest of the hair open. Now plait the ponytail to a normal braid and fix the end with a hair tie.

2. Pluck the braid carefully to mimic the petals. Make sure that the braid does not fall apart.

fast braiding instructions flower braid

3. Now pick up the braid and turn it around the top hair tie to create the flower. Hide the end of the braid under the flower and fix it with a few hair clips. Finished!

Styling ideas for the popular wickerwork trend

braid trend flower braid flower made of two pigtails

Now, if you already know how to style a simple flower braid, you can also look at some more complicated variations. Whether combined with a waterfall pigtail , styled as an updo or interpreted as several flowers in the hair – the floral-patterned braided hairstyle trend offers numerous styling possibilities. Some, however, require the professional help of the hairstylist or at least a helping hand. Browse our image gallery to discover the best ideas for a flower made of plait.

waterfall braid flower flower braid curl half-open

elegant updos big flower braid

braided hairstyle trend romantic hairstyles flower braid

make elegant hairstyle yourself flower braid

Guide low flower braid braiding

how can you braid a flower braid instruction blue hair

instruction hair curls flower braid flower lichen

half-open hairstyle three flower braids lichen

braid trend trend flower braid instruction from corduroy

three flowers braids hairstyle half-open hair instruction

make yourself braids flower braids flower braids

flower of hair braids popular wickerwork trend

braiding hair styles flower braiding long hair semi-open style

braids trend flower braids flower braid half-open hair

hairstyles half-open hair flower braid lichen

summer hairstyles braiding trend flower braid

flower of braid lichen half-opened hair hairstyle

fast braids flower braid pigtail

festive hairstyles fast hair curls flower lichen

flower braid curly hair festive hairstyle diy

hairstyles half-open hair big flower lichen

braids trend flower braids colorful hair

braiding hairstyle flower from herringbone braid lichen

braid hairstyle trend flower braid blonde hair simple

styling ideas braids semi-open flower braid

elegant hairstyles festive flower braid trend

braid hair trend blonde hair flower braid hair jewelry

simple flower braid holboffene hair curls

beautiful braids ideas waterfall braid with flower braid combine

sweet braids flower in the hairs braids

braids-trend flower braid long hair blonde

stylish hairstyles ladies flower braid half-open

small flower braid braids fast hairstyle

flower braid fishbone braid half-open hair

pretty flowers braid lichen half-open hair hairstyle

nice styling ideas flower braid long hair

long hair semi-open style flower braiding

casual flower braid everyday hairstyle easy

beautiful braids trends flower braid flower in the hair

braided hairstyle flower herringbone braid long hair

braid hairstyle trend flower braid side tie

lateral flower braid braiding hairstyle trend hair jewelry spice up

chignon flower flower braid braided hair

updo flower braid hair ornament flower

braiding hairstyle drindl hairstyles flower braids flowers in the hair

complicated braids flower braid with a difference

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