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Fingernails self-made design – 29 instructions

fingernägel design geometrisch muster idee glitzer nagellack

You want to paint your nails extraordinarily, but nevertheless quickly and easily yourself? Then take a look at these great ideas for fingernails design to make yourself ! The instructions are not that difficult, but the end effect will be fantastic. You only need several colorful nail polishes and an extra-thin brush. Points can be easily and quickly with a toothpick or a pin.

Fingernails design with abstract look

fingernägel design abstrakt metallic bunt farben streifen geometrisch

With the help of thin adhesive strips you can create perfect surfaces in different colors. For example, you can use this geometric and abstract pattern as inspiration. However, there was free hand painted. So if you feel confident enough, then you can try it without stripes.

Fingernails design with marble effect

fingernägel design schnell diy hellblau dunkelblau marmor zahnstocher

Do you already know this trick with a toothpick? Or have you ever wondered how to create a beautiful gradient and the trendy ombre effect on your nails ? The secret is in the makeup sponge. Make one or two strips of nail polish on the sponge and then dab lightly on the nails. Use stickers, beads and rhinestones to complement the beautiful design. Browse through our gallery and find your favorite!

Blue design with zebra accent

fingernägel design blau glitzer zebra silber streifen idee

If you want to imitate this idea, first paint the nails with a dark blue glitter nail polish. When this is dry, a light blue color appears diagonally. Again, let this dry well again. The diagonal line, where both colors intersect, cover you with a silver paint. Finally add a zebra pattern in black. You are welcome to try the idea with other colors.

Paint zebra pattern on the nails

fingernägel design zebra motiv schwarz weiss idee damen styling

Also in this variant, a zebra pattern is designed. If you are looking for something faster than the previous design then this is a wonderful alternative. Paint the nails first in white and then draw a black zebra pattern or choose another variation for an even more upbeat look.

Fingernail design to make yourself – glitter Grundge


An eye-catcher is also this DIY idea. First, a transparent glitter nail polish is applied, which you then supplement with black nail tips. However, the black color is not applied with the brush, but spotted with a sponge on the nail. With such tools you can design all sorts of interesting motifs and patterns.

the magical universe


This includes such a universe design. Black is the foundation. Using other metallic paints, dab the base coat to create the look of a galaxy. Combine several colors. Finally, fix the result with a transparent top coat.

Ombre Nail Design


Ethno motives


Mustache Motif


Draw honeycomb pattern


Summer nails design with palms


Valentine’s day nails


Zigzag pattern with stickers


Halloween motifs




Make points


golden fish scales


Black and white


Clouds motifs




Red Apple


Summer nails in purple


vernal design with roses


colorful stripes


colored spots




Fingernägel Design zum Selbermachen schnell-aussergewoehnlich



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