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Fingernails design for wintry mood – 32 great ideas

fingernägel design streifen pink weiss mistelzweig weihnachten thema silvester

Wintry and Christmas should be! Nail-Art creations are a real eye-catcher in every season and every occasion, but in the coming winter you will get a higher priority again. The trend nail polishes shimmer like fine porcelain, glitter and mica exude a touch of luxury and glamor, to wintry motifs are a perfect match. In addition to the traditional colors of winter, Christmas green, red, white, as well as beige and nude are announced. Some examples of original fingernails design in pictures can be found below. The offered variants you can try independently at home or in a nail salon.

Fingernails design with glitter

fingernägel design elegant rot glitzer sterne french manicure

Provided you have the right tools and accessories such as glitter, sequins, rhinestones, nail piercings, gold or silver foils, nail art powder, etc., and handle them, the whole world of nail designs is open to you for the winter . Paint your nails imaginatively and give them the last winter stroke with paint, patterns and stickers. The cold season gives us numerous ideas for beautiful nails . In winter there are ice crystals, snow, poinsettias; Fir trees, Christmas balls and reindeer awaken the anticipation of Christmas. Let it snow!

Fingernails Design – French Manicure in Red and White

fingernägel design rot weiss french gelnaegel zuckerstange

Matching the trend color red are red French nails, even red crescents are particularly chic and exciting. Use a color gel on the whole nail and let the tip sparkle with glitter .

Stiletto fingernails

fingernägel design stiletto idee rot weiss textil imitation pullover

Beautifully painted nails are a must for New Year’s Eve ladies. The techniques are varied – especially popular for the cold season are porcelain nails , as well as gel nails , which are often applied to various winter motifs. Use your creativity to add a WOW effect to your nails. As a blast your New Year’s nails can be designed with lots of glitter. Particularly appealing is the great appearance when clothing and nail design complement each other.

Light blue nail design

fingernägel design hellblau comic motive schneemann weihnachtsmann muetze

We would be pleased, if you like these suggestions and serve as a template for your next nail modeling. Of course, you can show us your nail art creations – the best will appear soon in this article!

Red-white fingernails with Santa Claus


A nice winter motive with color


Inspiration for your winter nail art


Fingernails design for romantics


Colorful and creative nail art


Fingernails design with girlish cartoons


Nail design for the winter


Much glitter and glitter


Mica and sweet snowflakes with airbrush


Winter design in bordeaux metallic


Winter nails with sequins


Something appropriate to New Year’s Eve – lots of glitter and inlays


Silver glitter and red


Manicure design for New Year’s Eve


Unusual and beautiful motifs


Christmas nail art


Christmas nails – small works of art


Beautiful Nail Art: every season


Nail art ideas for the winter










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