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Hairstyles For Women

Faux Hawk hairstyle for long hair – A guide and 50 cool styling ideas

faux hawk long hair lure fake iro

The Mohawk or Iroquois cut is a radical hair shave that completely shaves off the sides. The top coat stays a bit longer and can be styled in different ways. However, if you do not want such an extreme haircut, just an extravagant hairstyle, then the Faux Hawk has just the right styling. So you can easily test whether you would like a classic mohawk cut . Today, we will show you how to make the Mohawk with long hair using a guide and many examples. Let yourself be inspired!

Iroquois with a difference – This is the wrong Iro for long hair!

faux hawk hairstyle long hair messy look curls

Faux Hawk or Fohawk for short is based on the typical Iro hairstyle, whereby the ‘Faux’ or ‘F’ is wrong and that means – a false Iroquois. In the trendy hairstyle for long hair, the established Hahnenkamm, also called spikes, only imitated. So you do not shave your hair, but style it as shaved after.

The keyword for the Faux Hawk hairstyle is volume on the top of the head. To style a fake iro, you have to take the side hairs, so that the impression that they are shaved. You can do this with styling gel, hairpins or pigtails. Cool hairstyle ideas for the different variants can be found in our picture gallery.

styling ideas faux hawk hairstyle ladies long hair

The Faux Hawk for long hair is a multi-faceted hairstyle that suits different occasions. It can be both completely put up, as well as half open. Even as a festive hairstyle of elegantly styled Fohawk is well suited. It is important only to find the right styling for the occasion.

Instructions for a Fohawk for long hair

faux hawk hairstyle yourself make styling tips

Now let’s show you how to easily make a faux hawk hairstyle for long hair. In this variant, the hair remains open, with the sides are plugged.

instructions Faux hawk ladies themselves make styling tips

That’s how it’s done:

1. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner and blow-dry.
2. Comb well, split the top coat and tie a simple topknot.
3. Starting from one side, divide a small strand of hair, twirl and fix in the middle of the head with a hair clip.

instructions faux hawk hairstyle itself make long hair

4. Continue in the same way until all hair is inserted at the side to the nape of the neck.
5. Then insert the hair on the other side in the same way.

instruction faux hawk deckhuff touple twirl

6. Now your hair should look like a casual ponytail. Then release the hair bun, comb through again and toup with a Toupier comb in the approach.
7. Finally twirl the top hair a bit with your fingers and lower it over the rest of your hair.

diy faux hawk hairstyle long hair

Your Faux Hawk hairstyle is ready! However, if it is a more complicated variant that you can not replicate yourself, then leave it in the hands of an expert.

Faux Hawk inspiration from Janelle Monáe

big braid faux hawk braided side janelle monae

A famous lady, the false Iro is beautiful on various occasions, is the American singer Janelle Monáe. Below we have put together their best looks with Fohawk.

styling ideas faux hawk janelle monae inspiration

faux hawk hairstyle long hair braided pigtail janelle monae

janelle monae hairstyle faux hawk braid hair rings

Fohawk hairstyles for long hair for re-styling

ladies hairstyles pinned faux hawk braid

In our picture gallery you will find many ideas as inspiration for a stylish long hair hair style faux hawk hairstyle. Whether completely raised or semi-open, you decide yourself!

false irokese ladies braiding hair

mohawk hairstyle ladies long hair faux hawk

faux hawk itself make hair knots

stylish faux hawk hairstyles ladies long hair

faux hawk hairstyle ladies jennifer morrison updo

faux hawk hairstyle ideas katy perry topknot

hairstyles ladies faux hawk hair knot head

festive hairstyles curly hair faux hawk alicia keys

faux hawk hairstyle irokese hairstyle long hair

hairstyle hairstyle faux hawk ladies style themselves

fohawk style ladies hair knot instructions

faux hawk hairstyle ladies style long hair

stylish updo faux hawk elegant variant

fake braid mohawk hairstyle ladies colorful hair

faux hawk braided elegant hairstyle ladies

faux hawk braid hairstyle long hair styling idea

fohawk hairstyle braids patches

hairstyle ideas pinned up hair faux hawk braid

faux hawk hairstyle celebrity ladies nicole kidman smooth long hair

DIY faux hawk hairstyle topsy tail braid

faux hawk for long hair herringbone volume

selena gomez long hair faux hawk hairstyle

wrong irokesenschnitt long hair hairstyle faux hawk

faux hawk styling tips pull trough braid

braided faux hawk hairstyle ladies long

faux hawk long hair braid ladies

faux hawk medium length hair herringbone braid

dutch braid faux hawk hairstyle long hair

topsy tail faux hawk hairstyle women long hair

fake iro hairstyle ladies long hair messy look

braided hairstyles ladies long hair faux hawk

faux hawk hairstyles celebrities kim kardashian long hair

hairstyling ideas faux hawk braided pages

natural curls hairstyles faux hawk braided pages

faux hawk punk hairstyle braided side face hair volume

semi-open hair style tips faux hawk braid

fake iro hairstyle half-open hair styling idea bangs

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